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What Are The Most Important Water Purifier Parts

Water purifiers have several parts that help these machines work correctly. Most ordinary people, however, do not possess much knowledge about these parts. Therefore, one needs to learn about these machines to make better decisions for maintenance.

Since most Indians come from middle-class families, they need to know about these parts to save on maintenance expenses. The knowledge about these can help people assist technicians during repairs. People can search about these using keywords like RO service near me. One can make the best choices while replacing parts by knowing about them.

Water Supply Connector

One of the universal parts of purifiers is the water supply connector. This consists of a pipe and a valve that connects the purifier to the external water supply. A supply connector consists of small parts like valves, fitters, and pipes.

Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure-regulating valves are another group of parts that prevent too much water pressure. These can help to protect pre-filter housings from leakage and other possible issues. These consist of a particular form of plastic.

Pre Filters

Pre-filters are some of the most significant parts found in every purifier. These can be either sand-based or carbon-based. The sand-based pre-filters help remove dirt and other insoluble particles in water. One must replace such filters every 6 months. 

Carbon pre-filters, however, are more effective in removing impurities. This is because these pre-filters can remove solid and chemical impurities and germs. These also help to improve the taste of water and remove foul odour. Both of these filters help eliminate excessive chlorine. 

ASO Valves

Auto shut-off valves are primarily seen in RO purifiers, although these can also be present in others. These help to control the flow of water going through membranes. It also stops the water supply once the membrane pressure gets too high. 

RO Membranes

Reverse osmosis membranes help to remove most impurities. These membranes remove most of the solid and chemical contaminants, including microbes. Unless a purifier has a recycling system, these membranes can waste some water that it is unable to purify.

UV Filters

UV filters are another type of filter that uses ultraviolet light instead of a membrane. The ultraviolet light from these helps kill off microorganisms in water. It can kill and remove more microbes compared to RO membranes. This also does not affect the taste.

UF Membranes

UF or ultrafiltration membranes can remove more solid and chemical impurities. These parts work in the same way as RO filters. However, these can remove larger particles that RO filters cannot remove. 

Check Valves

Check valves to prevent excess water from destroying a purifier’s membrane. These work alongside auto shut-off valves to maintain balance in a purifier’s system and regulate water pressure.

Post Carbon Filters

Post-carbon filters help to remove any remaining impurities that are present in water. These absorb and disperse all remaining contaminants. These also help to make water taste better. 

Other Parts

The storage tank helps to contain drinking water. A purifier gives this to a person through the drinking faucet. A purifier is incomplete and useless without these two parts. 

Maintenance Of Purifier Parts

For maintaining parts of water purifiers, one can search about them using keywords like water purifier service. Generally, one needs to wash and clean spare parts daily for maintenance. A person might also have to change and replace certain parts at intervals. However, this heavily depends on the part and its duration.

Any damage to a part might require repairs by technicians. However, the repairs and maintenance costs depend on the part and the associated problem. One must also learn to assemble and reassemble pieces to ensure the setup is fully functional. A person might also need to know about particular lubricants or washing materials required to maintain some parts.

A Note About RO Purifiers

Since most people in India use RO purifiers, one might need to know about their parts and maintenance. Generally, these cleaners have carbon pre and post-filters, sediment filters, an RO membrane, a tank, and a faucet. The maintenance services of these typically require the replacement of one or more of these parts. 

The maintenance costs of these cleaners are not usually very high. The costs of the parts are not too high either. One might need to choose the best parts at the lowest prices.

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