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Tips to Write a Legal Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sales happens to be a legally binding paper offered by a seller to a purchaser. It offers complete information about the sale, as well as the conditions that the seller and buyer agreed on and all the financial details. Know some of the tips for writing such a document, such as Bill Of Sale Forms for Cars

Put down the date 

First of all, in the legal bill document, you have to write the actual transaction date down. 

Write down the buyer’s details 

Next, you have to write down the full name of the buyer, as well as his telephone number and address, and then indicate the person in the column specified for buyer.

Write down the seller’s details 

After this, you have to include the name, phone number and address of the seller, and specify that he / she is the seller. Write down your name as well, in case you are the one to be conducting a sale. Also specify both parties in this case, the seller and the buyer, who have given their consent for the specified property to be transacted. 

Offer a detailed description 

Next, you have to include a detailed description of the asset / property that you want to offer on sale. In case you have a Warranty Coverage for the item that is on sale, clearly write about it. Mention the warranty type as well as the warranty period. If it is a vehicle that you are selling, specify in the Bill of Sale form for car the model, mileage, make and chassis number of the vehicle, as well as other useful information related to it. 

Include the sale amount figure 

You also need to write down what amount the item is being sold for, to the buyer. Mention the amount in numerals as well as in words. Clearly mention whether he / she has made a full payment or made just a deposit payment, consenting to have the balance paid in installments. Get both parties’ signatures in the bill of sale for car Arizona, for confirming the product sale before notary public. You may download bill of sale pdf online from website.

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