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Facebook Ads and Google AdWords - What's The Difference

If you are planning to start with digital marketing, then you must consider advertising on Facebook. Today, Facebook has become a very popular marketing platform on this planet. If you look at the number of active users, Facebook has now more than 3 billion active users.

Facebook, initially started as a popular social network meant for close family members and friends, but now it has turned into a platform that has totally changed the media, marketing as well as technology.

Therefore, it will be a very smart idea to hire a certain Facebook Ads Agency to boost your small business. Australian Internet Advertising has become a very effective agency to support many small businesses to reap very high profits by using Facebook advertising.

Let us discuss in this post a few of the important advantages that Facebook advertisements can offer to your business.

  1. Micro-target your real audiences

Facebook advertising uses a platform that is very data-rich hence can micro-target your audiences that can be best for your interest.

  1. Several  types of advertisements for your business

Facebook ads can offer a wide variety of ads that are not available in any other paid channels.

  1. Quite an affordable and lower cost

Facebook ads are in most cases free and in some cases, you need to spend a very little amount of money.

  1. Offers faster results

You will start earning your revenue as soon as your advertisement will become active on the Facebook platform.

  1. Meets your specific objectives

Marketers can always select from several advertising objectives, which can suit their business objectives.

  1. Can access the largest audiences

Having about 3 billion active users, your Facebook ads platform can offer businesses access to maximum digital ad networks.

  1. Access to powerful data

You will get a very specific type of data that can help you to select your audiences and target your ad.

  1. Can easily set up PPC ads

Almost any kind of business can set up their PPC ads very easily on this platform.

  1. Can filter your ads for whom you don’t want

You can also block your PPC ads for those audiences whom you do not want to target your advertisements.

  1.  Offers robust analytics

While providing you with info and analytics on the effectiveness of your advertisements, Facebook has no limits.

  1. You can retarget whom you already interacted

Retargeting is another better way to reach your target audiences, as users who have already visited your site will again see your ad

  1. Can easily find your new leads

After finding your audience it is possible to attract more similar people to target.

  1. Always people are available on Facebook

Facebook is one site that always remains crowded with prospects.

  1. You can encourage customer’s loyalty

Since you get an opportunity to target a certain community as a whole and earn customers’ loyalty.

  1. You can scale up your content easily

If you want to scale up your content then you can do it very easily on this platform.

Looking at all these benefits, it will really be a smart idea to use the Facebook site to promote your business in most effective manner.

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