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Business Process Outsourcing or BPO has become a widely adopted solution for most businesses that aim to alleviate their burdensome day to day operations. With manpower costing more each day, companies look for third party support services to help them share some of the load of their business-critical tasks such as customer support, administration and so on.

With this rising demand, more and more BPO’s have sprung up to offer clients all manner of services. These services have also become extremely flexible in terms of their scale and cost and as a result, even small businesses and startups are able to utilize BPO’s offerings. But still, large enterprises continue to be the most popular consumers of BPO services. Here, we will be discussing some of the services that BPO’s around the world can offer for businesses.

Call Center Support

This is perhaps the most sought after service from a BPO’s. Setting up customer service in-house is a costly, time-consuming and tedious process. Not only do you have to procure office space, equipment and software, you also need to find the right staff, train them and then manage the high turnover which is common in more customer service offices. Creating your own customer support is something that is almost always outsourced whenever possible.

BPO’s have specialized call center capabilities which allows them to deploy fast and scale to whatever suits their client. Since they are all set up and ready to go, a third party call center service provider can act as a seamless extension of a business nearly overnight. This makes them a favorable alternative to building an in-house support center.

Multilingual Services

Having translation services at your fingertips is extremely helpful for companies that serve or wish to serve overseas markets. Call centers with multilingual capabilities are the go-to for most companies that need support in multiple languages.

Multilingual support services not only feature call answering services in the language of your choice, but also anniciliary translation work such as legal transcription, chat support and much more. Multilingual services are usually costly but BPO’s work with handpicked and trusted agents who can provide these services at a reasonable price while also being well versed in the region of your choosing. It is important to remember that it’s not enough to just translate what the customer is saying, but also to be able to relate to their culture in order to improve trust.

Virtual Assistance

Hiring an entire team of call center agents might be a bit of an overkill for companies that only need a handful of support staff. Scalability has always been an issue when it comes to customer service, but BPO’s are now offering entirely customizable support packages thanks to remote staffing. This gives businesses the option to have either just a few call center agents, individual remote assistants, or even a combination of the two. This type of flexibility is perfect for businesses that are not large in scale or are perhaps struggling with seasonality.

Virtual assistant services are more than just remote agents for customer support, they can act as your very own office staff helping out with administrative tasks such as checking emails, managing appointments and scheduling calls. If your business is short on manpower or perhaps there is some tedious task that needs to be offloaded, virtual assistant services from BPO’s can be extremely helpful.

Ecommerce Support

For every online store, there are hundreds if not thousands of customers who will always need to be communicated with for their inquiries. While 2021 saw a boom in ecommerce business growth, there was also a steep decline in customer satisfaction score across the board.

One of the main reasons for insufficient customer satisfaction in e-commerce is the inability for businesses to handle enough calls at the same time. BPO’s offer a wide range of ecommerce support services such as web development, inbound answering service, ecommerce virtual assistant and much more. But more importantly, BPO’s ensure 100% responsiveness by making sure that every single inbound customer activity is attended with minimal wait time.


These are just some of the services BPO’s offer. Bolstering customer support while outsourcing tasks that hold back your efficiency is one of the best ways to improve your throughput. With more loyal customers, companies can enjoy higher revenue and sales across the board without having to overinvest their resources and budget.

Getting set up with a BPO for the service of your choice is now easier than ever. Create your own team of remote agents or hire a block of a world-class customer support center with IdeasUnlimited. All services come at market competitive price and guarantee enterprise-grade quality of service. To find out more, be sure to contact IdeasUnlimited today in order to get in touch with the sales team for a free quote.

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