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Have you got engaged and planning your wedding sometime soon?

Well, wedding invitations are one of the first things to worry about. People are often confused about how and when to send wedding invites out to guests. But in this post, we tackle another important thing: what to put on the wedding invitation suite.

A proper invitation suite should have a few must-have things in it.

What is a Wedding Invitation Suite?

A wedding invitation suite includes all the things you are going to need to order from the professional invite maker. It is not just the invite, but also includes a reception card, save-the-date card, RSVP card, and more. All of it makes up for the suite you are going to order. So let’s start.

Save-The-Date Cards

It is the first thing you will be sending your guests for them to save the dates of your wedding. It is specifically meant for guests to clear up their engagements during this time. It is casual and is meant to send guests the information that you are getting married.

Save-The-Date cards don’t have to be anything complicated but can just include a postcard announcing your marriage. Today, couples are customising it with their own photos. You can put a photo of your engagement on the card if you want. Since these cards are meant to be sent out to guests for them to keep conflicts in their calendars away during a particular day, it is best to send them early. People do it 8 months or even a year before they are getting married.

This is especially true for couples planning a destination wedding where guests have to clear their schedules and arrange accommodation and journeys.

The Wedding Invitation

This is the most important piece of stationery you will be sending out to your guests: the invite itself. Royal blue wedding invites are very popular at the moment. The invite should typically reflect the mood and theme of your wedding. It can have just one card or it can include multiple.

Most people will choose to have an outer envelope, the actual invite, an inner envelope to protect the invite, a reception card (this is necessary if you are having the reception at a different location than your wedding), and lastly, a response card.

It can also contain information about how to reach the wedding venue, maps, etc.

There is so much you can do in terms of customisation and personalisation of your wedding invitation. From paper quality to colours and envelopes, select something that goes with the wedding aesthetics you are trying to create.

RSVP Cards

This is what your guests are going to use to notify you whether they will attend the wedding. You have to send it along with a stamped envelope that will be returned to you with a yes or no. The traditional way of doing up your RSVP card is to have a checkbox that guests will have to use to give you their answers. A date has to be mentioned by which they have to return the card. This is essential to get the final guest headcount.

With many persons having special dietary requirements, today people include an option for guests to let them know what kind of food they will be having. Yours can include a checkbox for vegan, vegetarian, or another special diet.

Menu Cards

Another card that can be a part of your wedding invitation suite is the menu card. These are fast-catching up because guests love knowing what they are going to be served. It is also a way to garner more attention for the event.

Thank You Cards

This is a card you can use to let your guests know how thankful you are for their presence on your special day and for their gifts. You can use your newly married photo for this.

Invites Bring that Special Touch

When you get married, it is an opportunity to showcase what you are about as a couple. While some couples go with all of the above and even add more cards of their own, some will choose only a simple wedding invite. It is really up to you to select something that goes with your aesthetics and Pietra Paper Design provides all of them.

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