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When the conversation comes to Cyprus, the thoughts about the convenient geographic location, mild climate, a long warm season, high-level service, relatively low prices, as well as stability and safety come to mind. All this attracts a continuous flow of tourists to the island. But what does attract businessmen to this part of the world? Certainly a high standard of living and a stable economy. For investors, Cyprus is one of the best places for using finances successfully.

Before investing money somewhere, you need to know the main investment rules and familiarize yourself with the system of work of at least one giant in the field of investment. Among the list of successful investors, it is necessary to pay attention to the activity of the JKR as the most experienced in the investing world. If the goal is to run a profitable business and have a long-term investment prospect, you should refer to the experience of this investment group.

Before entering into a deal, it is worthwhile to study in detail the variety of ways to launch money into circulation. 

The main ways to invest money to make it work and generate income

  • Bank deposit

This is the way due to which everyone is allowed to use a small amount of money into investing. It is necessary to invest not in banks with a high rate, but in those that have been working stable on the market for several years.

  • Shipping and ship management

In Cyprus, shipping has become a significant factor in economic development. In particular, during the last 30 years, the Republic of Cyprus has purposefully drawn the attention of large shipowners and ship management companies to the country.

The results of such initiatives to date:

  • The Cyprus merchant fleet is the tenth-largest in the world and the third in the EU.
  • More than a thousand ocean-going vessels with a total displacement of over 21 million GRT sail under the flag of Cyprus. 
  • The sector employs over 9,000 onshore personnel and 55,000 onboard crew members.
  • In 2018 ship management revenues rose to €528 million during maintenance with main markets: Germany, Greece, Malta, Norway, Russia, and Switzerland.
  • Immovable property

Cyprus visitors and residents are saying that the local property market is changing with investments in high-rise housing and commercial properties. There are several reasons for this.

  • Programs for providing investors with citizenship and residence permits.
  • Repayment of bank loans in exchange for real estate plays a role.
  • Housing for students is in great demand in all major cities of Cyprus.
  • Housing for seasonal workers, especially those employed in tourism, is in demand.
  • Additional demand is observed in the “buy-to-let” segments and real estate for tourists.

Many investors also invest in real estate, since the profitability in this market is higher than on bank deposits, and these investments are relatively safe.

  • Investing in securities in Cyprus

The purchase of securities is another way to profitably realize your funds. It has special advantages:

  • High profitability. Despite some fluctuations in rates, investing in such an instrument is much more profitable than opening a deposit in an equal amount.
  • Amazing stability. Government bonds are not subject to market fluctuations. Therefore, they are provided with protection, and income is easy to predict.
  • Comfort. You don’t need to spend a lot of time-solving business issues, as it should be done for a real business.

Investment and politics

A distinctive feature of Cyprus is the extent to which elected politicians and civil employees understand the obligation to promote investment in this context. Representatives of parliament, for example, have extensive experience in the legal field. For many years, every president has been dealing with key aspects of investment activity. This means that in general, investors in Cyprus are guaranteed conditions for doing business and investment.

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