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Frontier Airlines is one of the nation’s fastest-growing airlines, with a vast network that is constantly expanding. The airline’s objective is to provide low-cost nonstop flights to leisure locations, which is in high demand now that Americans are eager to return to the skies after a lengthy hiatus. Frontier may fly on the exact type of aircraft as its full-service competitors like American Airlines and United Airlines, but its on-board product could not be any different.


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Frontier Charges and Cost


Flyers should be aware that their $15 one-way ticket will only provide them with a ticket to ride. Everything from an advanced seat assignment to refreshments aboard the plane will entail an additional cost.

But this isn’t always a terrible thing, especially if you know what to pay for and what not to pay for. Personal things, such as a backpack, can travel for free, so sometimes people avoid baggage costs by bypassing the carry-on and packing my items in a backpack if the trip allows.

Frontier Baggage Rules


According to Frontier’s website, strollers, car seats, and diaper bags are free from baggage fees if flying with an infant. The amount you pay to check or carry on a luggage is determined on its weight, destination, and travel dates.

It is very hard to estimate from the luggage price page, thus the best option is to utilize the pricing tool while booking your travel. You might be paying extra for small things like carry bags which are optional expenses.



Frontier Priority Boarding



Priority boarding is available if you purchase a bundled fare (more on that below) or pay for a carry-on bag. However, Frontier has varying levels of priority boarding. Yes, it is complicated. The costs at each level vary. As I was checking out, I chose not to include priority boarding with a carry-on bag, but was later given priority boarding at $7.99 each way. If priority boarding is crucial to you and you don’t want to pay for a carry-on bag, be sure to look out for an offer.


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Frontier Inflight Amenities



Frontier Airlines does not provide complimentary food or beverages. There are a variety of beverages and snacks available for purchase. Frontier does not offer onboard entertainment. Frontier does not offer Wi-Fi, TV, movies, or even electrical plugs at your seat.  Frontier provides you with meals and possible facilities for a comfortable journey.

Frontier Customer Care



You can contact Frontier customer care for assistance if you are facing trouble in checking the incoming status or if it is not visible to you. Frontier executives will help you to get the live status updates of the incoming flight or they will solve the issue which you might be facing. Frontier has Live Chat (24/7) through social media links on its website. Moreover you can also leave your feedback on email or on Social media: @flyfrontier on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also connect with the executive on call through the customer care number.


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