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If you’re interested in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), you are probably wondering what you need to wear under your gi. It’s a question that comes up a lot, so we thought that we would take the time to answer it in this post. 

This article is written from a female perspective, but many of the issues we discuss here also affect men in a similar way. 

Wearing clothes under your gi

Historically, Brazilian jiu-jitsu was a male sport. Many men would simply wear the gi, going shirtless underneath. 

Once women entered the fray, though, the need for undergarments became essential. Wearing clothing underneath the gi became necessary to minimize the risk of accidental exposure.  

Wearing items under the gi, however, has always been a part of the sport. So women wanting to remain historical in their practice need not fear layering up. Practitioners, for instance, would often wear compression pants or fight shorts to keep themselves adequately covered in competition. Compression garments also helped prevent their testicles from flailing during rapid movements, improving comfort. 

Women get similar benefits. Rashguards help to keep the upper body tight, preventing excessive breast movement. 

women’s rash guard BJJ

The advantages of rash guards

In the past, many women would just wear a tank top or bra underneath their BJJ gi. But these options were never ideal. You would often get caught on the straps. And they were uncomfortable, restricting your range of movement. 

With the advent of more advanced rash guards, however, that all changed. The fabric provides coverage for the breasts while also helping to smooth the skin, making it more like going shirtless. Many garments come with compression technology, allowing you to stay snug as you move around. So when you wear a rash guard, it effectively mimics what it feels like to wear nothing under your gi, giving you a sense of freedom. 

Traditional gis was made of sturdy cotton canvas. The material provided excellent sweat-wicking, but it rubbed and brushed up against your skin, causing raw skin and rashes, especially when training day after day. Rashguards protect against this by transferring friction away from the body and onto the fabric itself. 

In turn, this helps you to focus on the task at and. You don’t feel self-conscious or worried all the time about revealing your underwear. And you also feel more comfortable, allowing you to forget about your undergarments entirely. 

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