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bartenderWhat does a bartender do?

“Shaken, not stirred”. This well-known quote from the James Bond films shaped the profession of bartender for the ages. Bartenders can do much more than that. They master the production of various cocktails and drinks and have a huge repertoire of knowledge about quality, products, and individual ingredients. At the same time, they act as courteous, friendly hosts and entertainer. Not infrequently, various mixing techniques and tricks with the shaker ensure great entertainment, applause, and amazing eyes. A particularly good 호빠알바bartender takes care of the fine-tuning and makes a bar what it is?

This is what your working day as a bartender looks like

Preparations for the evening

Your working day as a bartender usually doesn’t start until the late afternoon. In preparation for the evening, you carry out a goods check in order to order more spirits or other food if necessary. In smaller bars, in particular, one of the areas of responsibility is the procurement of goods, as not everything is delivered by order. The freshness of the products is essential for your delicious cocktails, so you organize fresh fruit and other juices every day to meet the high-quality standard of your creations. After all the errands have been made, you can start preparing the bar area for the evening ahead. You check whether there are enough glasses because especially in a bar you need the right glasses for different drinks, e.g. for long drinks,

Shaken, not stirred

When all the preparations have been completed, nothing stands in the way of the start of a long night of partying. The first guests arrive and your work begins immediately: Shaker in hand and off you goes. Your guests are in a good mood, want to party, and want to enjoy the best drinks on your drinks and cocktail menu, which you mix fresh in front of their eyes. If your bar has set up a so-called happy hour, a short, fixed period of time with discounted drinks, it gets very crowded at this stage and various drinks wander over the counter in a very short time. At such moments it is particularly important to keep an eye on order. In order to keep an overview, you have to pay attention to the cleaning of used glasses and other utensils in between. So your counter area always stays tidy and clean, even in stressful situations. You know hard work is rewarded, especially as a bartender. If your drinks taste particularly good to your guests, you can expect to get a larger tip on top of the original bill.  

 After the party is before the party

Even the best parties come to an end at some point, and where there is a lot of partying, there is also great confusion. As soon as the last of them have left your bar, the last part of your working day is on your way: cleaning up and preparing for the next parties. Armed with a mop and cleaning bucket, you and your colleagues can make the traces of the night owls disappear so that the bar shines again in its old splendor. Especially on weekends, you can expect that your working hours will often exceed ten or twelve hours, which is part of everyday life in this job. If all the follow-up and simultaneous preparations. Click on this 호빠highlighted link and visit our site 

For the next party have been completed, your work night is drawing to a close and the hard-earned, well-deserved evening is waiting for you

  • Particularities
  • Working time

Depending on the workplace, your week is very individual. The focus of a bar is clearly on the weekends, often also on booked events such as company celebrations during the week or on public holidays. Discos usually only open their doors for two nights and rely exclusively on classic weekend operations. As a bartender, the working day usually begins between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and only ends when the last guest has quenched their thirst and you have finished cleaning and preparing for the next day. So it is not uncommon for you to be home in the early hours of the morning. One thing can be said: The times vary depending on the activity and industry. In the trendy hotels of the big cities and in areas with a high level of tourism, for example, they are in operation almost all week.


In addition to the salary, there is a welcome addition waiting for you: the tip. In Germany, it is common practice to give a small amount as a so-called tip on top of the invoice amount. One speaks of approx. 5-10% additional money on the total of the bill, so to speak as a small appreciation for a good job of the waitress or the bartender. As you can see, the amount of the tip should not be underestimated. On evenings with a particularly high rush, usually on the weekends, it can happen that you earn more tips than your daily salary. Of course, you can also influence your tip yourself. Probably every guest is more willing to spend if you are friendly and your cocktails and drinks taste particularly good. For best bar service team click on the highlighted link and survey our recommended site. Indeed you will want to contact after visiting our best site.

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