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Exactly what does Cherry Chapstick mean in Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Woman?

I Kissed a woman is really a song from Perry’s 2008 album, Among the Boys, and it is certainly one of his most beloved hits. However, cherry lip balm means lip balm in her own song.

So why do people think “Cherry ChapStick” includes a different meaning?

Well, within the popular game – Just Dance – I Kissed a woman is really a featured song. Still, the “Cherry ChapStick” lines are really beeped.

So, people began to question why the developers would censor an expression as harmless like a lip balm.

However the game’s developers had their reasons because it was later says “Cherry Chapstick” is really a euphemism for any woman’s private area.

Has Katy Perry ever spoken of meaning?

It’s difficult to imagine Perry writing exactly the same songs as ten years ago.

Perry opened up up concerning the song’s significance within an interview with Glamor, and she or he expressed regret for that track.


Katy Perry pictured with husband Orlando Blossom.Credit: Alamy Live News

She told playboy, “If I needed to rewrite this song, I’d most likely edit it. Lyrically, there are several stereotypes inside it. The mind has altered a lot in ten years ”.

Regardless of the song’s success, it switched to be questionable. Singer Janet Ditto known as it “offensive to gay culture.”

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