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The HHC-O acronym is what it means.

HHC-O-acetate is the newest cannabinoid which is making its debut on the market for hemp and, due to this, it’s quite likely that you’ve never had the chance to hear about it prior to now. It’s the acetate variant of HHC which is a naturally occurring compound that functions as the form that is hydrogenated of THC that is chemically stable due to its hydrogen enhancement. There is a strong resemblance between it and the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. HHC-O extracts naturally occurring HHC and adds the chemical compound acetic anhydride similarly to the way we make THC-O. The cannabinoid’s potency is increased by about 1.5x. The reason for this increased effectiveness is easy. As a result, the cannabinoid is more like Delta-9 THC, as Hexahydrocannabinol has a milder effect. It basically enhances the effects to give the users exactly what they’re seeking.

Does HHC-O Make You High?

It’s a more potent version of HHC and is psychoactive. It makes you feel high.

The amount you can get is contingent on the dose and your resistance.

To provide you with an idea To give you an idea, HHC:O is 1.5 times more potent than HHC. The effect may be marginally greater than regular THC.

In all cases it is recommended to seek advice from a physician or your supplier about the cost of your medication.

Remember that the dosage you take will depend on your weight, age and tolerance to the cannabinoids.

Is HHC-O safe?

In the end, that no anyone is sure.

The studies on the security associated with HHC as well as HHC-O has been nearly non-existent. However, there are no proof that they’ve experienced negative results from using either.

It is possible to conclude that there are no harmful side consequences from the use of cannabinoid. Furthermore, the results that people report after the use of it suggest that it could have medical and recreational benefits.

Where does HHC-O come from? How is it made?

The acetate is added to HHC to make HHC-O. This is an artificial compound therefore it requires the hands of a human being to create it. Thus, after mixing HHC concentrate with acetic anhydride, a skilled scientist can obtain the desired result. HHC concentrate with the acetic anhydride.

Chemical reaction increases the power of the cannabinoid.

It is essential to state that this isn’t something you should do at home, or even by yourself. 

However, only an experienced chemical engineer can create HHC-O since they are equipped with the right equipment and expertise. If not, it’s extremely risky.

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