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Indian handicrafts industry

The Indian handicraft sector is an industry related to the ethnic Indian art which has more than 13 million artisans involved with it. Most Of those who work in this sector come from poor sections of the country and live a hand to mouth existence to keep their family members away from starvation and poverty. What explains the popularity of Indian handicrafts?

Fantastic skills and attention to detail

The country has many fabulous ethnic artists who are recognized for their charismatic work and craftsmanship skills. Regardless of the advancement in technology, these people still use their hands for crafts making and the meticulous attention to detail is irreplaceable with technology due to this reason.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Indian handicrafts industry is the fact that the artisans involved with it always try to understand the needs and tastes of consumers and make products accordingly.

Use of traditional crafts making techniques

In the Indian handicraft items, it is always possible to find the skills and craftsmanship of traditional India from down the ages. Many people in this domain belong to backward tribes and castes who have long been making crafts and structures with organic items and easily available materials in nature to create outstanding pieces of work that often draw people from across the world to India.

The traditional techniques that are used in craft making in India are inimitable, and so these crafts are unique. The rise of social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram has led to further promotion of Indian handicrafts making them more popular across the globe.

Consists of many artisans

A lot of people are involved in this industry and it offers fantastic employment opportunities to young people who love to show their traditional crafts-making skills and art to the world.

As a matter of fact, every Indian state is associated with some kind of craft work – such as:

  • Wooden crafts in Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka
  • Tarakashi and Meenakari handicrafts in Telangana and Odisha
  • Gemstone handicrafts in Madhya Pradesh, Jaipur and Rajasthan
  • Jute handicrafts in Bihar, Assam and West Bengal
  • Dhokra handicrafts in Madhya Pradesh

Clay pots and baskets two of the oldest Indian handicraft items. Most women in Indian homes who are involved with handicraft making make soft toys, pots, knitwear, jewelries, baskets, clay items etc.

The skills and techniques used in creating ethnic arts of India have passed from generation to generation and speaks volumes of the cultural heritage of the country which has made it a nation of pride in the world. The work of artisans in India are reflective of beauty, glamour and perfection that can encourage anybody to buy Indian handicraft products.

Final Words

Huge encouragement and support from the government are the need of the hour for the Indian handicraft sector, which can help artisans come out with better quality work. This is a less-developed sector as compared to many other Indian sectors and industries, and various promotional schemes and methods need to be used to ensure more success for Indian handicrafts and giving it more power in the days to come.

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