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Whether you are looking for an online slot casino or want to play at a land-based casino, you can find a variety of options. However, it’s important to know what games are available before you start playing.

WMS Gaming/Williams Interactive

Founded in 1941, WMS Gaming is a manufacturer of gaming equipment. It is a division of WMS industries, which was a predecessor of Scientific Games. The company started out as a pinball and arcade game manufacturer. They shifted to video games in the late 1990s. In 2013, they merged with Scientific Games. เว็บสล็อต They have offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

WMS Gaming offers a wide range of casino games. These include table games, video poker, and slot machines. They also offer a variety of bonus and promotional opportunities. They also secure licensing for popular characters and brands. The company’s games are certified by a number of internationally recognized authorities.

They offer a comprehensive list of online slots. These include 3-reel and 5-reel slots. Many of the slots feature hypnotic graphics and crystal clear graphics.


Among the many slot and tabletop casinos that litter the interwebs, Microgaming has been around long enough to have a long list of notable products and services to be proud of. Some of the best games to play include the likes of blackjack, roulette and poker variants. For those looking for the ultimate in immersive gaming, look no further than the microgaming casino. There’s also a slew of Microgaming-powered mobile games to be found on the go. While the mobile gaming offerings have their flaws, they’re a blast to play on. One of the better options is the mobile poker variant. While it may not be the largest or most impressive, Microgaming offers a mobile poker game that is quite slick. Of course, this is a nirvana for those who have a thing for mobile gambling, but for those who don’t, Microgaming is a viable option.

Big Time Gaming

Founded in 2011, Big Time Gaming is a highly reputable online casino games developer. They are known for their highly volatile slots, which often have high potential wins. They also have an excellent selection of progressive jackpot titles.

Big Time Gaming’s unique and exciting games are available at most online casinos. They offer free spins bonus rounds, wild multipliers, and many more features. These games are usually included in no deposit bonuses. They also allow players to try out the games before playing for real money. They are available in more than a dozen languages.

One of the most popular products from Big Time Gaming is the MegaWays series of slot machines. These slots have transformed the online slots market. They feature a similar format and mechanics to other titles, but they add extra symbols to the reels.


Getting a leg up on your mates at the pub is not the only reason to play the slot game of your dreams. Keeping your fingers occupied is the next order of business. A couple of stipulations will ensure your next shindig is as much fun as your last. The best bet is to do a heuristic review of the available games, including the aforementioned spins. Of course, your selections may be limited to your lucky keg, but a little preplanning is well worth the effort. Using a reputable online casino is a far easier option. The aforementioned top of the class is a good bet, and there are many casinos aplenty abound. If you can’t make the trip, the mobile version of your aforementioned brew is an equally viable alternative.

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