Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Health Screenings

It would be best to regularly visit your health care provider for screenings covered by your health insurance. Taking proactive measures can prevent you from living with undetected issues. For instance, you can only discover your high blood pressure if you have it checked. Other issues may also not have symptoms in their early stages but can still cause many problems if not detected early. Fortunately, regular health screenings are available. Visit your provider yearly to make sure you get all the screenings you need. Here is a general overview of some of the screenings you will receive. 

Blood Pressure

It would be best if you had a blood pressure screening regularly. If it is higher than 120 over 80, you should get screenings more often. Very high blood pressure will often require a follow-up consultation and recommendations for lowering your numbers. Issues such as diabetes, heart problems, and kidney issues, could require getting checked more often. You can often get these screenings in your workplace or neighborhood. Otherwise, you will need to see your doctor for a blood pressure screening. 


What age you start getting cholesterol screenings will depend on your risk factor. If you have no risk factors for heart disease, you will only have to have this screening once every five years. However, lifestyle problems can dictate that you have your numbers checked more often. Additionally, diabetes, heart problems, and kidney issues will also require that you go for this screening more often.  


If you have high blood pressure, you will often have your sugar levels tested as well. You will also receive a diabetes screening if your BMI is over 25. This is because a high BMI is a marker of being overweight. Other risk factors will mean that you get screened even if your BMI is under 25. Also, if you have a relative with diabetes, you will be screened.


It would be best if you went to the dentist twice a year for cleaning and an exam. Your dentist may require more frequent visits if you have dental issues. 

Well Visits

Well visits will check things like your overall health and wellness. In this exam, you will be asked about your daily habits. Your doctor may make recommendations such as encouraging you to visit smokingthings to try vaping instead of smoking. 

Talk to your health care provider to ensure that you are getting all the health screenings you need. Taking these precautions can help you avoid health problems in the future. 

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