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Statistics have shown that most Americans are iPhone users, and like all other mobile devices, Apple phones can also have issues. When you take the devices to a cell phone repair store in Houston, the technicians will use the right tools to make the proper diagnosis and fix the issues.

iPhone Issues Fixed by a Cell Phone Repair Store in Houston

It is important to know what iPhone problems some of the repair stores can fix; so that you can decide to select the shop that is offering the services you require. Some of the issues addressed in the below points might seem that you can fix yourself. But when you look closer at the reasons, you will realize that they need professional help.

Technicians Fixing Broken iPhone Screen

iPhone users have to be careful because a broken screen is the most common damage to the cell phone after you have unintentionally dropped it. Sometimes people don’t want to put up a protective cover on the screen, and scratches can occur that lead to cracks. The repair shops have the right tools to fix a broken screen.

The Cell Phone has Charging Issues

There can be several reasons why your iPhone or iPad is not properly charging. The charger might have a faulty mechanism. The charging pin of the iPhone might be broken, or the connection between the charging port and motherboard can be lost.  

Speakers and Microphone not Working

When the link between the speaker or microphone and the operating system is broken, both parts will not work. Sometimes mobile users forget to switch from silent to normal mode. This might be a reason that the speakers are not working.

Replacing iPhone Battery

Today the batteries of mobile devices are installed in the inner casing, and proper tools have to be used to open the whole phone and replace the battery. If you think you can replace the battery, you might be misguided. You should take the device to an expert at repair shops like CellFix Houston.

Fixing Damaged Cell Phone Frame

If the iPhone frame is broken, the casing will be changed because the front and back frames have to be replaced according to the design. The repair stores have the right tools that can help to replace the frame flawlessly.

Retrieving Mobile Device from Water Damage

Sometimes mobile users drop their devices in water which can cause severe damage. The technicians at shops are equipped and experienced to revive the water damage, but the mobile users have to act quickly and take the devices for repair.

Fixing the Front and Back iPhone Camera

The front and back camera of the iPhone can also have issues like the lens can break or some features are not working. The mobile mechanics suggest that you might have dropped it and the connections have become lost.

Recovering all Lost Data

Sometimes whatever you do, you can’t retrieve the data that you previously saved in your backup file. The mobile repair shop has the right software to help recover the lost data. It is best to take your iPhone to these stores to recover lost data.

Cell Phone Repair for Device Overheating

If you are experiencing iPhone Overheating, then the CPU, battery, and screen are being used more than they should be. The technicians will suggest minimizing the use of your device.

There are Issues with Downloaded Apps

There can be two reasons why the downloaded apps are not working properly. The first one is that the iOS software is not up-to-date, which hinders updating the apps. The second reason is that the app itself needs updating.These are some iPhone issues that technicians at a cell phone repair store in Houston will address and fix.

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