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The body pillow is a bigger and better version of the normal pillow. Normally the size of the body pillows is 54 inches in length and 20 inches in width. But,it also changes depending on what the consumers want. People can customize their body pillow by selecting their desired size and colour to print their selected photo on the pillow cover. There are Brands like Diipoo, which supply customized pillow worldwide to provide the best body pillow. Diipoo produces a normal body pillow consisting of pictures on the cover and 3d body pillows, consisting of 3d photos on the pillow cover. The price of the pillows varies depending on the size and the printed photo. If someone wants to purchase a custom body pillow from Diipoo, he should check out this for more detailed information.  Here, all the procedures for ordering the body pillows are given. And one can easily order it from anywhere in the world.

Dakimakura Body Pillow:

 Dakimakura is a Japanese word consisting of two words: Daki and Makura.  Daki means “to embrace”, and Makura means “Pillow”.  So, Dakimakura means embracing a pillow or body pillow, a big pillow used in Japan. Here, People will discuss the production procedures of the Dakimakura.

1. Printing Technology:  

Produce these pillows, and special printing technology is needed tone used. And to order Dakimakura from Diipoo, one needs to use the Custom dakimakura printing tool, which is visible on the website.

2. Printing Method: 

Software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and some software used to print these special body pillows.

3. Printing materials: 

Dippo body Pillow makers use two types of printing. One is Peach Skin, and the other is 2WAY. But, Peach skins are cheaper compared to the price of 2WAY.

4. Choosing Printing: 

The printing of Dakimakura usually does pirate as well as the original. The original printing is done depending on original pictures drawn by renowned artists. The pirated paintings are drawn by other artists, which is usually cropped from the original photo. So, it becomes blurred and doesn’t look like the original one so, and it is always suggested to order the Original photo because, in it, the 2WAY fabric painting is used. Though the 2WAY fabric painting costs more,   for a better user experience, it is always recommended to order.

5. Advantages of Diipoo Painting: 

Diipoo always offers personalized printing. And also, these are ideal for pillowcases. This pillow feels soft and smooth, and the printing doesn’t affect the colour.

Anime Pillows: 

There are anime pillows. The waifu pillow,  anime body pillow, Dakimakura, Daki etc., are included in anime pillows.

Waifu pillow: 

It is a dakimakura pillow covered with a printed photo of an anime artist and this unique idea of the Waifu pillow attracted the attention of many consumers. Most of them are adults and youngsters. It has turned out to be famous in Japan. Almost every youngster has their waifu pillow, which provides them with extra comfort both physically and mentally. And now it is getting popularity throughout the world. So, the people outside of Japan are also want to use these kinds of pillows. Diipoo is helping them out by fulfilling their wishes.

Diipoo always uses high-quality printing to make a beautiful body pillow. It uses very smooth craftsmanship to make it more beautiful to customers. Diipoo provides an invisible zipper and fine sewing in the cover of their pillows.

So, These are the different variations of body pillows one get to buy from Diipoo. People throughout the world can order Diipoo from their website. Diipoo, a brand to make personalized Body pillows, and no brand can do better than Diipoo does.

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