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Dedicated leased lines can support business applications that require upstream data transfer at a high rate. They also tend to come with a guaranteed fix time, and some providers actively monitor leased line connections – this means that if the connection goes down, they will be alerted.

Most businesses rely on data and data transfer to run their operations. For this reason, a dedicated leased line may be worth considering for your business.

What is a dedicated leased line?

Dedicated leased lines are one of the fastest forms of business connectivity available and provide many tangible benefits. Using a leased line ensures that you’ll always have fast internet speeds, providing your team with access to cloud software and centralised data that can boost productivity and improve collaboration.

They’re typically used to carry various types of traffic, including internet and call traffic, email, video streaming, and WAN (wide area network) traffic – data transferred between different sites within a company. With symmetrical download and upload speeds, a dedicated leased line can be used to quickly and easily transfer large files, host servers, make VoIP calls, and more. They also feature guaranteed uptime and often come with an iron-clad service level agreement. This makes them ideal for businesses requiring a high-performance, low-latency solution.

Dedicated lines are uncontended

dedicated leased line is a point-to-point connection between an ISP and the business’s premises. This means the bandwidth used by the connection is not shared with anyone else and won’t dip or slow down at peak times.

Many businesses rely on a fast and reliable internet connection to operate. From downloading large files to video conferencing, slow connections can be extremely frustrating and hamper productivity. This is why many businesses opt for a leased line solution. These connections are not only uncontended but also symmetrical, meaning the upload and download speeds are equal, unlike traditional asymmetrical broadband. This provides a more stable and robust connection for business applications like EPOS systems and VoIP telephone systems. This gives business leaders peace of mind that their internet connection will not slow down at critical times.

Dedicated lines are symmetrical

For businesses requiring fast, reliable Internet connectivity, a dedicated line provides a cost-effective alternative to a traditional broadband connection. These high-speed lines run through 100 percent fibre optic cables to provide a dedicated, uncontested bandwidth for a fixed monthly rate.

Dedicated lines are symmetrical, meaning that upload and download speeds are the same. This is a huge benefit for businesses transferring large data files, or using their connection for VoIP conference calls. It also eliminates the need for expensive backup services and means that data is more secure when in transit.

A leased line can also be used to connect multiple sites, such as head offices and branch locations, providing site-to-site data connectivity. This is especially useful for organisations that require a secure, private circuit to transfer large data.

Dedicated lines are unmetered

Many businesses are turning to dedicated lines as an alternative to public internet connections. They can provide a fast, reliable data connection, supporting business productivity and efficiency.

Unlike broadband, dedicated lines are uncontended and symmetrical (meaning upload speeds match download speed). This is ideal for businesses who need to upload large files or manage their EPOS payment systems over the internet.

They can also be used to connect different sites in a wide area network (WAN), or for telecommunication services between headquarters and remote locations.

They’re surprisingly affordable too, with leased line installation costs often being waived as part of a contract. You can also upgrade in increments, from 1Mbps up to 10Gbps. For more information, speak to one of our experts today. We can help you find the right dedicated leased line solution for your business.

Dedicated lines are guaranteed

A dedicated line acts as a dedicated tunnel from one communication point to another, guaranteeing continuous data flow for a fixed monthly fee. It is a popular option for businesses with large data transfer needs such as FinTech firms enabling financial transactions, e-commerce operators, or design agencies regularly transferring high resolution images and video files.

Dedicated lines offer uncontended and symmetrical bandwidth, which means you can expect lightening fast upload speeds. This is especially important for organisations requiring internet connectivity for applications such as VoIP, cloud back-ups and streaming or broadcasting.

Dedicated lines are also highly reliable, offering guaranteed uptime and fast fixes when things go wrong. Plus, they’re designed for business use, so you can be sure of a speed that matches the performance requirements of your organisation.

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