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Fully-automatic Top Loading Washing  machine are just what they sound like – they come with several programming options and washing modes. As soon as you pick your program, everything is done automatically, so there is no need to do anything else except turn it on. Fully-automatic washing machines cost more than semi-automatic washing machines, usually between RS 9,000/- and 80,000/-, sometimes even more. In spite of the high cost, these washers are well worth it since they are easier to use and come with an in-unit heating system that regulates the natural temperature of the water. On the other hand, semi-automatic washing machines do a better job of cleaning than fully-automatics.

What is a fully-automatic washing machine?

With fully-automatic machines, you can choose from several programs and washing modes available at the push of a button. Once you’ve chosen your program, all you need to do is turn it on. Once the machine is up and running, there is nothing else you need to do. Fully-automatic washing machines will cost more than semi-automatic washing machines, usually between RS 9,000/- and 80,000/-. The advantages, however, outweigh the costs since they not only make washing easier but also come with a built-in heating system to make the process more efficient. Semi-automatic washing machines do not deliver the same thorough cleaning as fully-automatic machines.

Top Load Fully Automatic Machines

Lift the lid to load this washing machine from the top, which is narrower than front-loading machines. Top-load fully-automatic washing machines have the following advantages:

  • It’s Lower in cost than fully automatic front-load washers.
  • Weight is lighter.
  • Top-load washing machines are available in many models when buying a fully-automatic washing machine.
  • Depending on the model of the machine, you only need to set the wash functions, and then the machine will handle everything else, from washing to drying.
  • Loading and unloading the machine is easier because the machine is ergonomically designed.

What are the cons so far?

  • Water consumption is higher.
  • To complete the automatic cycle, the machine needs running water.
  • A front-loading machine has fewer features and programs.

Front-load fully-automatic top loading washing machines              

In place of loading your washing, You’ll find the pros of a front-load washing machine to be:

  • Longer wash cycles and tumble drying result in better wash quality.
  • More efficient use of water.
  • It has a greater number of cycle settings.
  • Save energy by using less.

And the downsides?

  • The price is higher.
  • Users can extend wash cycles.
  • Models with top loads are heavier.
  • Machines with top loading take up more space.
  • Once installed, the User cannot move it around easily – it has to be installed in one place.
  • The loading capacity is small.

How to use fully-automatic washing machines

Considering each washing machine is different, it is important to read the manual provided with the machine. The instructions include all the information you need about how your machine works. You can pretty much follow the same steps when washing your clothes.

How to use fully-automatic top loading  washing machines: A step-by-step guide

Don’t forget to add your dirty laundry.

Add your laundry to the machine once you check the fabric care labels.

Detergent should be dosed.

To measure out the right amount of detergent, follow the instructions on the package.

Make sure you add detergent.

Detergent drawers are usually found in front-loading washing machines. When using a machine with a drawer, add the detergent to the drum with the clothes if your machine doesn’t have one.

Make sure your machine is set to the right cycle.

You can choose which cycle you want to use by using the control panel on your machine.

Decide what temperature you want.

Follow the instructions on the fabric care labels if you can also choose the temperature of your wash


After the cycle has finished, unload the machine.

By doing this, you will prevent creases and keep your clothes fresh.

It is ultimately up to you to choose the right washer. Make sure you use the right washing detergent no matter what fully-automatic washing machine you choose. The unique formulation of Ariel ensures the best performance in your washing machine. Among the detergents offered by Ariel include regular Ariel for semi-automatic washing machines, Ariel Matic Front Load for fully-automatic front-load washing machines, and Ariel Matic Top Load for fully-automatic top load washers so that you can get the best stain removal in just one wash.

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