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We know final desktop means to research and study of your system its mean study and research of your computer. If you are a gamer so this article is definatly for you. Being a gamer we know you face difficulties with your slow computer. But this article will tell you which changes you should do in your computer to make it perfect for your gaming rig. So lets get started.
Different component of the computer.
To make your computer capablefor your games. First of all we need to know what parts of computer should be changed. It may include,
1: Motherboard
2: circuit board
3: Memory unit
4: control unit
5:Internal memory
6: Processor
Motherboard is the central part of every computer. All components other than motherboard are pluged into motherboard. All components work togather when they pluged into the motherboard. ”BUS Network” is used by component to communicate and send signals.
Processor is the whole set of component called CPU. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It work as a brain in computer. Central Processing Unit control every thing like transmission of information, it handles everything. The variety of speed in CPU known as ”Clock rate”it can be measured in ”Hertz” if the clock rate is fast then the perfomance of computer will be automatically increased.
Internal memory.
There comes Internal memory in third.Internal memory consist of two types RAM and ROM.
RAM stand for Random Access Memory.It work as temporary information storage.It may include videos or documents.Its called temporary storage because you can change the set of information any time.It depend on the task performing by the computer.RAM Mesured in Gigabytes. When computer is turned off the set of information im RAM automatically removed.
ROM stands for Read Only Memory. it is permanent memory. it helps the computer how to to boot and read the windows. Information stored in this memory cannot be deleted or removed. it is also a fast memory. you can read and access it quickly. it is non volatile memory. your information will not delete or remove when computer turn off.
Control unit.
This control unit manage the whole functioning of computer. it is also seemed as the most essential and important component of computer.
Memory unit.
When data is enter into the computer the information immediately get saved to the memory unit. all information is saved into this unit and this memory unit transmit the information further to other part or component of the computer to perform specific task.
Input units.
Computer only works when we give command to it. we can give these command using input unit and inpt devices. just like keyboard is a input device.
Output units.
When we command the computer to perform a specific task it gives us information in result. the information which comes as a result of your task called as output. for example: Mouse, Monitor etc.
Graphic cards.
Graphic card is a hardware device. it is used to display images on the monitor. it can help to change the quality and size of images. graphic card isalso known as video card help your computer to improve graphics of your games.
It is an internal hardware device. as we can get through the name. it help to improve the quality of the sound.
Video card.
Video card is also known as graphic card.this card help to enable the computerto display images on the monitor. but it is required to nstall a software which help you how to use this video card. and also help to change the size and quality of the images.
How to change the component of the computer?
Internet is here for you. you can buy new things for your personal computer online according to your choices. it may be expensive but there are some websites which are offering you to buy different component of computer in cheap prises. you can check online for this to get started the work to change your computer into fastest and advanced computer. choice is all yours. computer components helps to make your computer faster and smooth to perform functions.

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