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In order to grow your business as a residential contractor, you’ll need a drawing and bidding app to compile customer information and appointments and manage your projects. You don’t need to write your proposals by hand or paste your old bids into a Word document. Gone are the days of manually customizing every single bid. There’s a platform that can streamline this entire process for you. That way, you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time prioritizing the growth of your business.

Contract Accelerator allows residential contractors to create custom bids in just a few minutes. The built-in presets and automation allow for a streamlined bidding and approval process. Just start with a base contract for bids and let the app do the rest. With this platform, you can detail your services, the pricing, and the terms, then have clients sign everything electronically. You can schedule projects and installations once a project has been approved and give your team access to the process. If you want your business to grow and profit without working overtime, this is a great way to start working smarter. Keep reading to learn more about Contractor Accelerator.

It’s the No. 1 platform for residential repair contractors to streamline their tasks.


On the first visit, you can immediately create, present, and get jobs approved. Just utilize the drawing tools to make sketches and send your proposals via the app. From project scheduling to billing and installation, the platform makes it easy to access information both on the go and from the office. Plus, you can allow your entire team to access any aspect of the job. When you have a platform that automates and organizes your projects, you’ll find that even the smallest things will no longer slip through the cracks. You can make custom drawings and use the templates to draw up new contracts all before you even leave the driveway.

The application organizes customer information with a CRM platform.

When all of the information for your business is organized and compiled properly, it’s easier for your team to execute their tasks efficiently. And when your team is efficient, then you can take on more jobs and increase your profits. The platform has a Customer Relationship Manager that helps you with customer information, notes, and document storage. Plus, it has an appointment scheduler with maps integrated so that scheduling is easy and seamless. You can even monitor your projects from the application to check their status.

With Contractor Accelerator, you have the ability to grow your business.


You can keep track of the status of every single project. This includes the creation of the project and when you schedule the appointment for a first visit. Then, you can send a bid directly from the platform and monitor its approval on the app. Once it’s been accepted, you can even schedule for the installation right then and there. The platform even helps your team plan out the most efficient routes. That way, you no longer have to manually schedule your team and figure out the best routes throughout town.

Contractor Accelerator is a platform that makes your job as a residential contractor a lot easier. Customers are happy with the app because it allows them to send fully digital bids. It has even helped some companies double in size. The difference between manually writing up and drawing proposals versus creating them digitally and getting them approved electronically is like night and day. As a business owner, you won’t regret choosing this platform. In just a few months, you can start generating leads, scheduling your installers, and invoicing quickly to get paid on time. Everything you need to complete your job as a contractor is all in one place!

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