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The number of people who turn to the drug clinic or suffer from alcohol dependence is growing rapidly. The treatment of alcoholism and other negative habits should be performed exclusively by a specialist in a rehabilitation clinic. The DeAddiction centre in Mumbai offers effective therapy for pathological addictions.

Getting out of dipsomania

With the continued use of high doses of alcohol, a state of excessive intoxication occurs, ie dipsomania. Human health is at risk, so it must be treated immediately in a drug centre.

Dyspomania is accompanied by vomiting, severe headache, disorientation in space, difficulty breathing. In severe cases, hallucinations, loss of consciousness may occur. DeAddiction centre in Mumbai performs the exit from dipsomania of any complexity. The procedure is paid and can be performed at home or in the clinic. If the patient is unconscious or there is a threat to his life, then the exit from the dipsomania is carried out exclusively inside the narcological unit.

In order for a person to give up alcohol abuse permanently, they must take a rehabilitation course. The norcology clinic offers anonymous therapy with the complete support of the patient at all stages of narcological rehabilitation.

Anyone can be rehabilitated for a reasonable fee at the DeAddiction centre in Mumbai. The drug centre uses an effective method of treating drug addicts and alcohol addicts, which consists of 6 stages:

  • Initial consultation inside the rehabilitation centre.
  • Differential diagnosis.
  • Large-scale detoxification of the body in the clinic.
  • Drug treatment (pharmacological) using modern drugs.
  • Psychological assistance and adaptation in society.

You can register for a consultation with a specialist on the rehabilitation centre website. The treatment is anonymous, and its cost is negotiated with each patient individually.

Treatment of alcohol dependence

Unhealthy tendency to drink alcohol leads to disastrous consequences for the body and is accompanied by personality degradation. Only a specialized narcology clinic will help the addict forget about the dangerous addiction forever.

The rehabilitation centre in Mumbai offers an effective therapy program for alcohol addicts in the hospital:

  • before starting treatment, the patient’s body is cleansed of the degradation products of ethyl alcohol;
  • an experienced narcologist performs the necessary actions to relieve withdrawal symptoms;
  • a course of drug (pharmacological) therapy is prescribed in the clinic;
  • psychological therapy sessions are held to combat alcoholism at the subconscious level;
  • support is provided to former alcohol addicts after discharge from the hospital (clinic), in order to resocialize them.

The alcohol rehabilitation centre in Thane performs treatment against alcohol dependence at any stage. There are special rehabilitation programs for women and adolescents. Such therapy is for a fee, and its price depends on the stage of the disease and the characteristics of the patient’s body.

In order to prevent recurrence, the rehabilitation centre in Mumbai performs coding. The procedure is performed by an experienced specialist in the narcology centre, using the latest pharmacological preparations or suggestion method, and its price depends on the individual characteristics of each case.

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