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hair transplant

In today’s article, we are going to discuss whether hair transplant  Technique surgeries are successful or not. Moreover, hair fall has been a severe issue among many men and women due to which they lack confidence.


What do know about hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical method to restore hair on a bald scalp. The process involves the accumulation of hair follicles from the donor site and the transplantation to the affected area or the recipient site on the scalp. It is now a widely accepted procedure, you can even find clinic of hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The two main types of hair transplant techniques include:

  • FUT: Follicular Unit Extraction, in this procedure a strip of skin is removed from donor site, which is used to extract the hair follicles for the transplant on bald areas. Some say that FUT is better than FUE. Though, the scar produced in this technique is visible as compared to the FUE method.
  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction, in this method individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area and are then transplanted to the targeted area. The success rate of FUE transplantsis up to 95%.

In terms of success, both procedures yield successful results. You can consult your surgeon to guide you to the best treatment for your hair loss.

However, there are several other updated versions of hair restoration methods but these two remain intact at their place.


Why is a hair transplant procedure needed?

A hair transplant is required for several reasons.

  • Hair transplant is used as a solution to overcome natural baldness that is faced by both men and women. Hair loss can even occur at a young age there is no specific age for hair loss. As baldness reduces the glamour in the physical appearance, people opt for the hair transplant procedure to retain their appearance. Thankfully, the hair transplant success rate proves to be great for both genders.
  • Hair transplant can also be practiced by people who are not satisfied with their hair volume. To get an increase in the volume of their hair some people consider surgical methods.
  • Accidental hair damage restoration. People who suffer a severe injury during a domestic or car accident as a result of which they lose hair on their head or some other parts of the body also restore their lost hair by hair transplant surgery.


How to know if a hair transplant is successful?

The success of a hair transplant lies in several factors. These factors can affect the success rate of the hair transplant technique:

  • You require a skilled surgeon to perform your hair transplant procedure who knows well enough how and what to do.
  • You need to be a good candidate for the procedure.
  • Your donor hair follicles should be healthy so that they produce good results.

Now comes the question of how to know if the hair transplant is successful.This concerns thepatients soon after they get their hair transplant surgery. As the results appear within a few months, the patients wonder if they will get the desired results. We cannot know exactly whether the surgery is successful until the results are observed. However, predictions can be made regarding the success of a successful hair transplant surgery.

  • Decreased surgery complications
  • A natural hair appearance before or after the shock loss

This is to be inferred that the hair transplant success rate is 80-90%. Yet, every individual react dissimilarly so one should not compare his post-surgery reactions to someone else.

A surgical hair transplant is a risk-free method of hair revival. Hair transplants are used all around the world as a hair loss cure. The success rate is amazing making the patients highly satisfied. In my opinion, a hair transplant stands to be the best hair loss remedy but you have to find the best surgeon for your surgery to achieve an incredible outcome.

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