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What is IP address

Every computer on the Internet has a unique number. This number is assigned by an Internet provider and is called the IP address. This information is used as the online address of any device. It provides search and tracking of the location of any computer on the Internet. To stay private and view the information you want online, you should know how to Change your IP Address.

On the Internet all information is sent using IP addresses. When you enter the name of the web portal for connection, the address of this site is identified. After that, the data is downloaded to your device.

Whats my IP address, you may ask. It is impossible to choose the number yourself. It is assigned by your provider. To change the address, you must change your location. For this, special programs are used. Connecting to the Internet with a VPN allows you to virtually move to another part of the country while staying at home. You will be able to get access to previously blocked content.

Public or private IP addresses

In certain cases, a user may ask the question ‘How do I find my internet address for VPN?’. The IP address is usually assigned by your Internet provider. You can find it out using the settings on your personal computer. Without this address, it’s impossible to connect to the global network.

The home network, to which you are connected, has a computer, phone, and other gadgets that you use to access the Internet. When you select any of these devices for surfing the web, it will receive the address assigned to the router. These data is public.

Private addresses are used to identify each individual gadget. This data allows users to find each other. When using the Internet, information is hidden, only the addresses of routers remain undisclosed.

How to hide your IP address

Your Internet provider and others can easily find out your location. To hide this information, it is enough to use a VPN program. Where is my VPN location, you may ask. It all depends on the selected remote server. A VPN redirects your traffic through third-party servers located in a different part of the world. This is a guarantee that third parties will not have access to the information you sent.

Wondering how others track my VPN? Your provider may be aware of the use of this program. It will be able to find the IP address assigned to a specific server. However, personal information transmitted over the Internet will not be accessible to the company.

Usually, VPN checks IP address, because the program provides users with a specific address to access the Internet. The traffic is encrypted with modern algorithms. Therefore, the only information available will be your address.

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