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The fact is that 46% of all Google search results are local. Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your website to attract more customers from relevant local searches. These searches take place on Google and other search engines.

That last point is important: this isn’t just about Google! People search for local businesses using various search engines such as; Google, Bing, Apple Maps, etc. However, Google has an estimated market share of 87%, which means that most people use Google to search for local businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization is a process that never stays the same. That’s because you’re dealing with constantly changing algorithms within Google and other search engines. That is directly the reason why search engine optimization is never “done” and SEO specialists need to keep updating their knowledge and skills. Especially when it comes to local SEO instead of general online findability. Every company is unique and requires its own specific way of attention. Only in this way does local search engine optimization ensure more relevant website traffic, a higher position within Google and valuable business listings. You can learn all this from the top local SEO agencies. It is therefore important to apply the right techniques that can make a difference. The main local SEO services are:

Localization: This refers to localizing your website. If your company consists of 1 branch, you must process the name and address details (company name, address, telephone number, place of residence and province) in a natural way within the website. Does your company use multiple locations or branches? Then with local SEO, separate pages are often used to enable website localization. Localizing the company website is also done by creating engagement. For example at events in the neighborhood or within the local community. You can do this by publishing guest blogs. For example, about an upcoming festival nearby.

Quotes: You need quotes to be visible locally, but it also improves the position within search engines such as Google. You do this by leaving the name and address details and the website URL of your company on citation websites. Yelp is one such example. Your company is not only easier to find for the local target group due to relevant quotes (also called references or references), but also increases a number of placements in the Google ranking.

Google My Business: If you want to successfully use local search engine optimization, you need to claim a listing within Google My Business. Your company will then not only be displayed within Maps, but also among the local search results. With Google My Business Optimization Service along with your local SEO helps a business to rank high in local searches.

Customer reviews: if you want to improve the local findability of your company, it is wise to value consumer ratings and reviews. They give the customer a good impression of the services and products you have to offer. Good reviews and ratings from other buyers can win over the customer, but also have a positive influence on local findability and search results.

Valuable Backlinks: Backlinks contribute to the way the search engine evaluates your website. Do you use relevant backlinks from leading companies? There is a good chance that Google will judge your website as informative and reliable. You can think of backlinks from local newspapers, links from sports clubs or local events or other relevant sources.

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