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What is magic?

Magic by its very nature is a mystery. Magic is something that you want it to be and for everybody magic means something different. Magic is the essence of something that brings you mystery, wonder, happiness and joy all bundled up together. In many ways magic can be likened to happiness. We all think we know what it is but only really ever is at its most powerful when you are there in the moment and everything else vanishes away into oblivion. 

Magic takes on two forms. The first form is the real magic of life – watching a lightning storm, animals in their natural habitat, a sunrise or sunset, peace, a baby evolving and more. The other form of magic is in the form of entertainment. This is a more synthetic or manufactured form of magic in which you experience the same inner emotions but one which has been facilitated by a magician or conjuror. Duncan William is one such magician. In fact he is a magician Leicester. The type of magic Duncan performs includes creating the impossible that leave people laughing in amazement. Examples of his magic include changing a $5 dollar bill into a $100 bill, changing a block of cards into class, telling you the name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend and even unlocking your mobile phone.

Magic essentially is a moment of time in someone’s life when they are transported to their infantile state of astonishment where the world is unfurling before their very eyes. It is the moment where, despite all of their knowledge of the world, they cannot begin to even comprehend what has just happened. Wrap this up in theatre, entertainment and fun and you have the perfect tonic for creating a theatrical piece of magic.

In 2020 the rules of performing or showcasing magic to others changed. Covid-19 swept through the world and people were restricted to their homes. Many had to remain socially distant from one another and as a result the beautiful art-form of in-person magic had been compromised. 

However, people still had a want, need and demand to be amazed, dazzled and taken back to that infantile state of astonishment. As a result of this demand and Duncan’s profession as a magician he pivoted from being an in-person magician to a virtual magician

What is a virtual magician?

As face to face or in person magician the world has changed and any private parties, corporate events, functions or celebrations have to happen remotely. Remotely means that they are being conducted online through the medium of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and more. A virtual magician like Duncan is someone who performs over one of these alternative platforms. For the past few months Duncan has been performing his online magic show, virtually to clients around the world. 

He has adapted his current corporate after dinner entertainment act and introduced brand new material, routines and effects to ensure that the audience experience the same high level of in-person magic, mystery, wonder and intrigue. He has bridged the virtual gap and connects with every single one of audience, and many of the magical pieces perform in their own hands at their home or in their workspace. 

Magic has never been as far reaching and accessible as now. Whilst the in-person element has been lost the virtual medium is proving equally successful. If performed correctly, a virtual magician can be the facilitator of the same and if not better magic experience for every single one of the attendees, delegates or participants. To find out more, navigate to

Duncan has been a magician in Leicester for over 15 years and some of his favourite venues include: 

  • Mythe Barn, Sheepy Magna, Pinwall Lane, Sheepy Magna, CV9 3PF
  • Quorn Country Hotel, Leicester Road, Quorn, LE12 8BB
  • Keythorpe Manor, Uppingham Road, Keythorpe, LE7 9X
  • Catthorpe Manor, Lilbourne Lane, Catthorpe, Lutterworth, LE17 6DF

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