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Mortgage Loan

If you think of your property only as a property then let us tell you it is more than that. It is something that provides you security or you can even say it is one of the biggest security in today’s time. As it is something that holds the highest purchase value (or sales value if you plan to sell it). 

There can be some instances in your life when you need a loan in an emergency but for some factors you might not be getting the approval. But if you have a property then you can avail loan against your pre-owned property or also known as mortgage loan. 

Mortgage loan in ahmedabad can be taken by putting any of your property as a collateral. Be it for business expansion needs or to fulfill some personal needs. Whatever be the requirement it comes in handy. 

Types of Mortgage

  • Fixed-rate mortgage : 

Under this form of the mortgage the amount of interest rate is fixed over the tenure of loan repayment. Eg:- If you choose to repay the loan at 9% then it will be fixed for the next 20-30 years or for whatever time period you might have selected the loan duration. 

  • Adjustable-rate mortgage : 

It is also known as variable rate mortgage. As under this category the rate of interest keeps changing over the period of loan duration. But it might only change if a decision or some new regulations are passed on by the Reserve Bank of India. Other than this the rate of interest will stay constant to the amount selected at the time taking the loan.

  • Interest-only mortgage : 

Under this category you only have to pay back the interest component towards the loan. Which basically means that the entire principal amount must be repaid at the end of loan duration.

Benefits of Mortgage Loan

  1. One of the best forms of loan to get high value goods with a long duration period and lowest interest rate.
  2. It’s quite easy to get a mortgage loan. You only meet the basic criteria led out by the loan provider (be it bank or any private lender). 
  3. One of the best sources to get home loans. As it is quite easy to get a mortgage loan. The demand for home loans via mortgage loans has increased quite a lot. 
  4. It is one of the most secured forms of loan. As it is secured by a property against the sanctioned amount. So the lenders are quite secured.
  5. Mortgage loans can be taken for longer durations such as 20-30 years. Which makes the repayment much easier for the user. 

Mortgage Loan


There are some extra features of a mortgage loan. 

  • Lowest interest rate as compared to any other form of loan type.
  • Ample of interest rate options are available. Such as – floating rates, fixed interest rates, interest-only mortgage.
  • Loan is offered on the market value of the collateral property or the registered property, whichever is lower.
  • Highest number of options available to avail the loan such as under construction property, fully constructed property, freehold residential and commercial properties.
  • One of the easiest forms to get a Home Loan. 
  • One of the best forms of loan for longer durations. 
  • Loans taken against property can be used for business expansion or personal needs. 
  • There are lenders who offer personalized loan options (is different from lender to lender and customer to customer).

So we hope this might have helped you in understanding what a mortgage loan is, its types and benefits. If you still have any doubt or plans for a mortgage loan. Then zatpat loans is here as they are one of the best mortgage loan providers in the country with lowest interest rate and instant approval. They even offer customized plans. So whatever be you need or requirement they have everything for you.

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