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screen tearing

Graphics distortion caused by out-of-synch graphics processors is known as screen tearing. Due to this issue, a horizontal line appears during video playback or gameplay in video games since the top is out of sync with the bottom.screen tearing

GPUs may not be able to maintain display refresh rates during times when the GPU is under heavy load. This results in the screen being redrawn in two frames, with part of it being drawn in one and the rest in the other. This will appear on your screen as a visible vertical line after multiple frames. To avoid this issue you should buy best tv or monitor as well, if you also looking for best monitor or tv you can read best TVs review on , it is a one of the best tv reviewing online blog. Well, how you can fix screen tearing read below.

Screen tearing can be prevented or fixed in several ways.

  1. If you want your GPU to work less hard, lower the video resolution.
  2. The affected application must be enabled for hardware acceleration. A toggle is available for this setting, for example, in Google Chrome. Web browsers can playback video faster if hardware acceleration is enabled.
  3. Make sure that “vertical sync” is enabled. This option is available in some video games specifically to combat screen tearing. The frame rate may be slowed down in order to correspond to the refresh rate of your monitor.
  4. If your application supports triple buffering, enable it. Before the frame is sent to the display, the entire frame will be passed onto the final buffer.
  5. You should upgrade your video card if you want to play videos or games on your computer.

When playing games seriously, a display that prevents screen tearing is highly recommended. The NVIDIA GPU is synced with some displays through a technology called G-Sync.

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