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Shiba Tron is a meme token that orbits 3127 Bitcoin stalls, in the crypto galaxy hosted by CoinMarketCap.Being such a modest coin, it is normal that it does not attract much attention. But when we notice a gain of 1178% in its value, during the past 24 hours, it is time to take it into account. Following the remarkable popularity of DogeCoin, the crypto space was flooded with puppy meme tokens.

Elon Musk’s comments on his Twitter account would have been responsible for the ups and downs of Doge and Shiba Inu. Now Shiba tokens seem to have created their own category in the cryptocurrency space. So true is this, that CoinMarketCap registers about 100 meme token with the denomination “Shiba” on them. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are the only dog tokens that belong to the top 100 cryptos with the largest market capitalization.

Then we can find Kilo Shiba Inu (KSHIB), Euro Shiba Inu (EShib), ShibaDoge (SHIBDOGE), Shiba Interstellar (SHINT), and countless other coins.

Shiba Tron Copycat

Meme tokens are far from being “serious” cryptocurrencies, but they are there. They all have fans and communities that support them. Now, the concept of “serious cryptocurrency” only refers to the quality of purpose of your project.

Furthermore, in a context where money talks, what more serious can be a market cap of almost 17 billion dollars? This is what gives Dogecoin 13th place on the CMC list. Shiba Inu follows in box 14, with a capitalization of 13.5 billion USD.

The very nature of meme tokens makes it difficult for them to be original projects. This also applies to the case of Shiba Tron. Traced from the road map of another meme coin, Baby DogeCoin, Shiba Tron’s friends intend to create a religion around the coin when its fame is complete.

Meme Token Promises

The funny thing about meme tokens is that with them everything can become a joke. Surely those who lost money when Musk brought down Shiba Inu will not agree with this. But Charlie Shrem, the crypto wunderkind, already said it: “ invest, learn and have fun ”. And to entertain yourself, the meme coins paint themselves.

That does not mean that meme coins can do whatever they want. The support of its users requires, not a minimum, but a maximum of respect. If the creators of the token want to see it flourish, at least for a while. The thing is, Shiba Tron is just starting to crawl. Remember the “copycat” thing? Well, apparently all Shiba tokens follow a strict order of development.

They are born, they crawl, they walk, and then they run (with the bottoms in a “rug pull”, just kidding). From there they jump and, later, “to the Moon”. This is how most of these tokens describe their roadmap. For its crawl phase, the creators of Shiba Tron hope to recruit 5,000 wallets. They are almost there because the contract goes for the 4310 active addresses.

In the third phase, Walking is where Shiba Tron plans to deliver his “goodies”. A dog credit card corresponds to this stage. In the fourth, they would add the Shiba Tron Swap to their website, a DEX of their own where to exchange. The “Skip” phase promises a market for NFTs, and other milestones almost carbon copied from Baby DogeCoin.

Among them, are donations to charity, animal sanctuaries and exclusive shelters for dogs. Here Shiba Tron will be more generous than Baby Doge, giving away a Tesla car (perhaps more) when his market cap exceeds $250 million. To launch its own religion, Shiba Tron will have to reach 500 billion dollars.

Shiba Tron Token (SHIBT)

SHIBT, the Shiba Tron token, is a “reflective” token. That is, it returns to users part of the amount of each transaction. At the time of writing, SHIBT was trading at USD 0.007011, showing an increase of 724.68%. The maximum supply of the token will be 10 billion units.

Where to buy and store SHIBT

For now, it is only possible to get SHIBT on the PancakeSwap platform (V2) . In the next phase of its route, Walking, the token will be available in the main centralized markets. Shiba Tron (SHIBT) is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. To store it, wallets compatible with the BEP20 standard are suggested.It is curious that Shiba Tron displays the logo of the Tron blockchain in its image, when, apparently, it is not related to it. Or is it? We leave it for you to decide.

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