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Social Commerce

Social Commerce Definition

You must be wondering from the title that what is social commerce however you don’t need to worry because you know the concept already but it’s just the terminology that can be ambiguous. Social commerce is a type of online shopping module that combines the social media website pages to online shopping functionality. Although the concept of social commerce has been around for quite a while and most of the people are already familiar with it however the social commerce definition helps you understand it more precisely.

Social Commerce History

It is not a very new trend as since the Facebook pages have been introduced and Facebook has allowed companies and celebrities to interact with their customers and fans through them, it has been a significant platform to influence customers buying behavior.  

Social Commerce Platform

Social Commerce

Although there are a lot of social commerce sites that are competing with each other to be of the most utility to the sellers however social commerce research and reviews that there are certain social commerce platforms are better than others when it comes to attracting customers to buy products. Among the social commerce sites, the most significant ones are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. The social commerce sites on the top of the social commerce platform comparisons and they have some similarities and some differences due to which they are varying with respect to affectivity for social commerce.

Social Commerce Research

The popular social media in China has become a very important tool for companies to promote and sell their products therefore social commerce research is also critical to analyze the strengths of social media features and how they impact the buying behavior of the customers. That means you can shop online for shoes just from Instagram without leaving the platform.  The recent social commerce research has revealed that Facebook was popular in the past but has now been left behind by Instagram which is considered as the biggest social commerce site nowadays. Due to the utility of social media pages for selling and promotion purposes the owners of social media websites are trying to introduce new features that can help the page owners analyze the way people respond to their posts, events, and announcements on the page. LinkedIn has also launched some premium features to provide the page owners with more reach so that they can easily contact their audience. The same is true for Facebook and Instagram but they don’t have a premium version but you can sponsor your post to reach more people.

Social Commerce Model

The definition of social commerce that you have read at the very start of the article has a lot of materialistic concern with respect to products and services however another thing that it is an ongoing trend on social media is to become a social commerce model. Once you become a popular social commerce model you are likely to receive PR packages and paid promotion opportunities that can become a source of income for you. Companies usually target the social commerce models that have a lot of followers. You can have an idea about this concept if you use Tik Tok because due to Tik Tok there are a lot of people who have gained fame and are now earning a handsome income through that fame by promoting different products and appearing as models in different commercials and even in movies.

Why Social Commerce?

Now when you have an in-depth idea about what is social commerce so let’s switch to the second question that might be of significant interest to you and that is why social commerce when there are so many other options like opening the store or on Amazon or some other website that is already popular or starting your own website. The answer is simple, there are certain aspects of social commerce that make it better than the other options. Some of the features and aspects that make social commerce stand out of the crowd when it comes to online shopping platforms are mentioned below:

  • In social commerce, you are not bound to the terms and conditions like you are when you run your store on some other platform.
  • Social commerce provides you complete freedom from third-party taxes and website fees as you are operating on a free platform.
  • Sites used for social commerce are the ones that most people are usually used to using therefore you don’t have to learn to operate it.
  • You don’t have to wait for a website or online store to attract traffic so that your product can be seen by more people as there are already so many people on social media sites that keep on using them multiple times a day.
  • Developing a website for Commerce purposes can cost you a lot moreover, it is hectic to maintain.
  • Social commerce sites provide you with all the necessary tools that you need for an online store running success.
  • You don’t need a complete staff to manage a social media page that you actually need to manage a website Store.
  • The customers can interact with one another and tell each other about your store or certain products in the comment section below every post.
  • You can advertise your products by sponsoring the same post that you already have on your page like this, you don’t have to generate a separate copy just for the purpose of advertising.
  • There are different features on social media that can help you promote not just your store but also your products like Instagram stories, sponsoring posts, and the use of hashtags.


Now when you know what is social commerce and why social commerce is the best way to run an online shopping fashion store and other kind of e-commerce store. the next thing that you need to know that it is easier said than done, because even on social media platform you need to use different strategies and keep yourself updated with the new trends so that you can stay up to date with them and follow them to get more and more customer attention.  As social commerce is more convenient than other methods there is a lot of competition on social media profiles and pages.

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