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online business in uk

In this guide, we’ll show you online businesses that have stood the test of time and are proven to work.

A growing number of people across the world work from home and prefer remote work to traditional employment because it:

  • Can turn into an online business (without lots of training)
  • Has fast-moving prospects
  • High flexibility

Best Online Business Ideas in UK (GB)

let’s dive into the most proven online business opportunities.

1. Blogging

Leverage Your Knowledge & Personality

Blogging essentially means spilling your thoughts via text. Once you have regular visitors, it’s time to consider monetization channels. Convert your attention to income, you can run ads, affiliate marketing campaigns, Cpa offers etc.

2. Start a Podcast

Create and build a Community Around an Interest

Podcast monetization is so popular and often talked about these days.

Keeping your audience engaged with content that is high-quality and practical is the key to success. You could be a Mentor, a Teacher, and make a passive income doing podcasts.

3. eCommerce

Sell Your Own Products!

E-commerce refers to any type of business that takes place over the Internet.

It’s a super simple yet profitable method used to make money online by adding value to customers worldwide, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

All It takes is a few clicks to go live with an eCommerce store, unlike offline bricks and mortar retail.

The best eCommerce platforms like Shopify offer sites that are pre-made helping you create your online store in literally minutes.

Another great feature is they also manage hosting, platform maintenance, PCI compliance, and more. This means you no longer need to be a tech expert to have a well-sort eCommerce site up and running.

Low Cost ?

Compared to doing it all ‘in real life’ (factories, stores, etc,) the costs are much lower to create & sell online.

4. Dropshipping

The Drone Generation

lets you sell and ship products you do not own or stock. Powerful.

Instead, your suppliers— manufacturers or wholesalers— provide the goods, store them, and ship them to your consumers on your behalf

The main process goes like this:

  • You get an order
  • You forward the order to your supplier
  • The supplier then fulfills the order.
  • Simple.

Low Starting Cost

Because you no longer have wholesale or product manufacturing overheads, you can start selling with little to no investment needed. Even your website/store setup costs can be taken to a minimum if you choose high-quality free hosting.


5. Managing Social Media

And last but definitely not least, managing a social media business could be a suitable option for you. The mail duties of a social media manager include the following:

Planning, Scheduling, and posting content across media platforms. Tracking, recording and analyzing campaigns

Discovering trends

The role of a Social Media Manager involves collaborating with other brands and influencers to generate leads and improve business exposure.

Remember, in social media management, it is important to know your target client. Perhaps you focus on entertainment companies or review bloggers. Whatever your choice, learn everything you possibly can about your niche market.

Also, learn how to craft an effective posting schedule, build a portfolio, and grow your client base



Before you get started with an online business, take the time to find out what works best for you, what meets your strengths and main interests. Start an online business with no money. Or make an investment, by developing new skills.

Whatever path you choose to venture, we hope that this comprehensive guide of the best online business ideas UK has to offer will help you get started.

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