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With a number of alternatives available on the market to vape your favorite content, knowing the difference between all of them can be a little challenging. Like vaping is one of the newest forms hitting the market, whereas hookah is used for years. But with the rapid growth of these devices on the market, developing continuous doubts and confusions among users. Hookah pen start kit and vape pen have become apparently interchangeable, and a lot of confusion has been created in the process. 

So what is a hookah pen starter kit, and what is a vape pen? How these both are different? Here is the run-down of the key differences and a look at which is a good alternative to regular devices. 

What Is A Hookah ?

A hookah is basically a water pipe; it contains a head filled with tobacco, a central stem leading to a water bowl, and a hose with a mouthpiece on end. Then the moist tobacco is put in the head, and this is heated by lighting some charcoal. Here, you have to heat up the tobacco without burning it, but this doesn’t always work accordingly, especially if you are using hookah for the first time. The smoke is then pulled through the water and out of the hose before you start hitting the smoke.

The form of tobacco used in hookah pipes is slightly different from normal tobacco used. It is moist and usually consists of molasses, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings. Blended with a reduced chance of combustion, this generally means that hookah smoke is less harsh than the other alternatives.

Difference Between Hookah & Vape:

When you use a vape device, you need to heat a liquid through a coil; and this is one of the major differences between hookah and vape device. There is no tobacco present in vaping but the juice, liquid, or wax with different flavors. On the other hand, hookah tobacco is not the same as regular tobacco; but the basic fact is- it is still tobacco. Besides, there are some notable similarities between the two; take a look!

In both vape and hookah, the use of fruity flavor content is quite common. Additionally, in both hookah and vape, the feel on your throat is much smoother than the regular way of hitting the tobacco. This is the reason; people prefer E Hookah Pen Starter Kit Orlando and vape devices than the regular devices. 

Difference Between Hookah Pen & Vape Pen:

Besides the existing similarities between vape and hookah use, it is clear that they are more different than they are similar. Hookah pens do not ordinarily consist of nicotine. But you can have hookah pens with nicotine, this is a crucial difference and really the main thing that separates a rechargeable hookah pen from an e-cig. E-cigarettes also come in the form of vape pens and mods, and does not look like a hookah pen but still consist of some amount of nicotine. Besides, the functioning of a hookah pen is quite easy than vape. Even people out there prefer hookah for its convenient use and style format. 

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