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Limescale buildup in the machine reduces water flow and might create heating issues. This means the volume of coffee that comes out of the device will gradually decrease, and the temperature of the coffee may be lower than it should be. Descaling is a simple way to avoid this!

A machine that is free of limescale will perform better! You will save money on repairs because the equipment will last longer.

Even more importantly, the taste of the coffee will improve, as will the appearance of the crema on top of the coffee! The crema on a perfect espresso should be thick and smooth. Because limescale buildup reduces water flow and pressure, a coffee machine’s crema layer may resemble a thin foam if it hasn’t been descaled in a while.

For my coffee machine, which descaler should I use?

A descaler based on citric or lactic acid is used in the majority of coffee and espresso machines. There are a few other acids to descale as well.

Use the same descaler as the machine or the Eccellente.

Descalers are available in various formats (liquid, powder, descalers and tablets), but they must all be dissolved in water before use. As a result, the simplest is a liquid descaler. However, it doesn’t matter in which form they come.


Why can’t I descale the coffee machine with vinegar?

Vinegar is primarily made up of acetic acid and water. It is a common misperception that using vinegar to descale a coffee machine is a good idea.

We propose using a citric-acid or lactic-acid-based descaler at Descaler UK. Descaling with vinegar leaves a pungent stench that is difficult to remove from the machine. Aside from that, vinegar is abrasive and will cause issues.

Is it necessary to descale my coffee machine regularly?

The frequency of descaling is determined by the time the machine is operated and the water hardness in your location. Most current coffee/espresso machines contain a descale indicator that indicates when it’s time to descale.

If your machine does not have an indicator, we recommend that you descale it every two months. Aside from that, using a water filter reduces the amount of time the machine needs to be descaled.

If you’re not sure when or how to descale, consult the machine’s handbook!

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