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This page accurately reflects the cost of repairing a roof as of the year 2022.

No matter what the weather is doing, if you need to repair your roof, the time to do it is now. The old adage suggests that the best time to do roof repairs is when the sun is shining, but if you need to make roof repairs, the time to do it is now, Saya Top Roofing Dublin.

Having tiles that are missing or flashing that is broken can allow water to enter your roof area, which can result in long-term damage and difficulties.

We’ve split the cost of roof repairs down into some of the more frequent categories so that you can get a better sense of what a roof repair would normally cost. The typical cost of roof repairs in Dublin varies depending on the problem, which is why we did this.

Normal roof repairs

It should come as no surprise that our roofs, which are subjected to a lot of stress, including high winds, driving rain, fallen trees, and the growth of moss, may require a range of repairs if something goes wrong.

Tiles or shingles that are missing: Loosening of individual tiles can be caused by strong winds. Whether they have just moved slightly, creating a gap, or have completely fallen off, this can allow water to enter through the roof and into your loft and attic, which can result in damage to your home.

The lead flashing at the end of our roofs, which seals the edge where chimneys and dormer windows meet the roof, prevents water from entering the structure. However, if it has become damaged or has become loose, it is possible for the flashing to fail and allow water to enter the structure.

Sagging roof: If the entire structure of the roof is compromised, either because the roof timbers are unable to hold the weight of the tiles or there is an underlying structural issue with the property, then it is possible that the entire roof will need to be replaced.

Tile repair costs

In the simplest of scenarios, water might be getting in because there is a missing or cracked roof tile. This could be the case. If this is the case, hiring a roofer to replace a small number of cement, clay, or slate tiles can cost around 211 Euros and can be completed very quickly, usually in just a few hours. Repairing a roof that is tiled will assist in preventing leaks that may occur as a consequence of loose roof tiles. The entire roof repair expenses for the tiled roof will include the cost of repairing the roof felt that is placed under the tiles.

Repairs of flat roofs

Simple patch repairs for flat roofs, such as those seen on garages or extensions, can run several hundred pounds, and they are one of the choices available for flat roof repair. Nevertheless, given the nature of the expenditures involved in repairing flat roofs, it is possible that it may occasionally make more sense to replace the complete roof. The cost of the material itself ranges from around €51 for basic felt solutions to €91 for more high-end materials such as contemporary GRP, which is a kind of fibreglass. If this is the case, the cost of labour might range from 151 to 251 euros per day for each worker. It is likely going to cost somewhere in the range of €1,111 and above to replace the flat roof of a conventional garage.

Costs of repairs rising like a rocket

The use of lead flashing on your roof serves to protect the edge of your roof where tiles meet masonry, such as your chimney or any skylights. This can assist prevent water damage. If this is broken for any reason, it can cause difficulties comparable to those caused by missing tiles, namely that it will let rain into your property. The cost of repairing broken flashing should be comparable to the cost of replacing missing tiles. The price of repairing roof flashing and replacing around one metre of flashing will range from €111 to €251 total.

Prices for repairing leaks.

Because missing tiles or broken flashing are often the causes of leaks, the cost of repairing either of these issues will vary depending on the degree of the leak.

The expense of repairing a roof that is sagging

Some houses are prone to developing a sag, which is characterised by a ridge that is bowing in the middle and is shorter than the height at the gable ends. This might be due to a number of factors, such as the roof tiles having been upgraded at some stage to a heavier alternative, which has led to a gradual weakening of the timber frame that is holding the roof. Costs associated with repairing a sagging roof can vary; if more weight is the issue, additional joists or rafters can be installed to the roof to shore up the excess weight; this can range in price from €1,111 to €2,111, depending on how many are required. When a roof becomes flooded to the point that its interior structure is irrevocably compromised, the roof may droop as a result. If this is the case, the entire roof will need to be replaced, which, depending on the size of the home, can range anywhere from €5,111 to €12,111 in cost.

Labour costs

Roofers typically base the cost of their services not on the amount of time it will take them to complete the project, but rather on the nature of the work that needs to be done, such as whether it is a straightforward repair, the replacement of components like flashing, or the construction of an entirely new roof. Check out our website specifically devoted to roofing prices for further information on the prices of roofers.

What factors contribute to an increase in the cost of roof repair?

If the damage to your roof is particularly widespread, for instance if a tree has fallen on your roof and a large section needs to be replaced, the job will be a lot more expensive than if it’s just a matter of replacing a few tiles. An example of this would be if a tree has fallen on your roof and a large section needs to be replaced. It’s possible that the repairs may cost several thousand pounds, especially if the roofer needs to set up scaffolding in order to have access to the area properly.

If the work on the roof is going to take more than a few days, then a temporary cover may be placed over the property so that the roofers do not have to be concerned about the weather while they are working on the roof. In addition to the expense of the scaffolding, this will also be necessary.

A more complicated roof, one that has numerous levels or various elements like as chimney stacks and dormer windows, can add more complexity to a project, which in turn adds more time and money. Have a look at our pricing guide for additional information on the prices that are associated with repairing chimneys.

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