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The safest bet at any online casino depends on numerous factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you play safely and profitably.

The Safest Bet at Any Online Casino: A Complete Guide

When it comes to the safest bet at any online casino, consider what you would do to increase your chances of winning. The odds do not favor players, and the house has an edge to make a profit. However, how much you are likely to lose depends on the games you play and the bets that you place. 

Casino games are great if you know how to play poker or blackjack. Conversely, casino bets with a higher house edge usually don’t require any gambling skills. Regardless, it’s wise to start by looking for a sign-up offer for new players that can set you on the right path.

Baccarat: The Banker Bet (1.06% House Edge)

Baccarat is fair and easy to play. Before each hand, gamblers decide whether they want to place a bet on the banker or the player. The banker bet features the lowest house edges when it comes to the safest bet at any online casino.

After placing the bets, the banker and the player will receive two or three cards. The rules of how they receive a third card can be complicated, but it is not necessary to know them. Aces are worth one; face cards and 10s are worth zero, and other cards are worth their face value. You add the sums together, and the score with a higher final digit wins.

Example: A hand that contains a three and one beats one with a five because three and five equal eight, and eight and nine equal seventeen. This sum is a score of seven since only the last digit matters.

Craps: Pass Line Bet (1.41% House Edge)

Craps offers some of the most lucrative bets at the casino. Place your chips on the pass line, and you will win if there is a seven or 11 rolled. However, you’ll lose if a two, three, or twelve rolls. You will win if the dice lands on any other number.

You might hear that “don’t fail” bets are slightly better than the pass line. The advantage is minimal, only two cents per $100 bet. Gamblers who place “don’t fail” bets are also betting against other players. This slight advantage isn’t worth the ugly looks.

The Safest Bet At Any Online Casino: Craps Odds Bet (0.0% House Edge)

This bet is rare in that the house has no advantage. Indeed, the odds bet in craps is so attractive that most casinos do not promote it. Dealers and craps tables do not specify where to place odds bets. In other words, the only exception for placing odds bets are the previously mentioned pass line wagers.

The way it works is that if you place a pass line wager and a four, five, six, eight, or nine roll happens, additional chips go onto the open green felt under your original pass line wager. If the number rolled on your initial “come out” roll lands again before a seven, this additional bet pays two-to-one.

However, most venues limit the size of the odds bets. Limits vary depending on the house rules, the initial bet amount, and the previous point. These limits should be visible on the table.

Example: You can place a bet on a sign that says “3-4-5” if the point is 4 or 10, 5 or 9, or 6 or 8. Ask the dealer if you aren’t sure of the maximum odds bet you can place. These limits can sometimes be provided by dealers on a hand-to-hand basis, especially for those who tip.

Craps 6/8 Bet (1.52% House Edge)

When it comes to the safest bet at any online casino, you might consider placing a bet on six to eight if you feel bored by the odds and pass line bets at the craps tables. If the number you choose lands before seven, you’ll win. However, you lose in every other case. 

You can keep the bet until one of these numbers lands, even if it takes several rolls. For every $6 bet, a winning six- or eight-place bet pays $7. Always place this bet of $6. You can place bets on numbers other than 6 and 8, but the odds are lower.

You make “place bets” by waiting for the stickman to control the dice. Once the dealer is attentive, say “Place six” or “Place eight,” then push the chips towards the dealer. You should not try to place your chips in the six- or eight-box by yourself. 

The dealer will pay you your winnings and leave your original bet if you win. You can choose to stop betting on this number by saying “Take down the six” or “Take down the eight.” NOTE! Don’t place your chips in the Big six or Big eight box right inside the pass line. This move will give you worse possible odds.

Pai Gow Poker (2.3% House Edge)

Pai Gow is a high-skill game, but it’s fun to learn and easy to play. When looking for the safest bet at any online casino, this game’s odds aren’t against you. You can limit your losses by playing at a slow pace, perhaps three to four minutes per game.

Players receive seven cards face-down. They then divide the hand into two: one is a traditional five-card poker hand, and the other is a two-card poker hand in which only highs and pairs matter. A player’s five-card hand must beat their two-card hand. This rule is fundamental that novice players sometimes forget.

Punters play Pai Gow poker against the house or a banker and not against other players. Beat the dealer with the two-card and five-card hands, and you will receive even money. The dealer wins if the player and dealer have identical hands (called a “copy”). 

It is a “push” if the player wins one hand but loses the other. You keep your bet, but you do not win anything. Because pushes are common, competent players can play many cards and not lose a lot. The player loses the game if the dealer wins both hands.

Card Counting in Blackjack

When looking at the safest bet at any online casino, the ability to count cards can give a player an advantage of 1-2% over the casino. It takes practice to master card counting. However, numerous casinos can ban blackjack card counters if they conceal their skill.

Online Poker in Virtual Casinos

Poker requires skill, and this factor is critical in determining who wins. The players compete with each other and not against the house. The house edge is a small percentage that the casino takes from each pot. You can generate a massive advantage over other players if you know how to play the game correctly.

Video Poker

Video Poker is another skill game that can give you a slight edge if you make the right decisions. Some video poker games can pay over 100 percent if you use a flawless mathematical strategy. Countless video poker machines have less than half a percent house edge. The paytable determines the house edge, meaning players can find out the payback. As far as the safest bet at any online casino goes, playing any of the previously mentioned games should give you a significant advantage. Good luck! 

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