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Kick in MMAKick in MMA

Have you ever wondered what is the strongest kick in MMA? Is the strong MMA kick enough to knock someone out? As a MMA practitioner, you must be having such thoughts from the start of your training. So we decided to make it easy for you by mentioning some of the most powerful kicks in this article. 

Before going into the kicks, you should understand what the strongest kick can do? A kick that has enough power to knock someone out and flip the whole fight in your favor, is the kick you are here for. Moreover, such kicks operate momentum generation through the spin and transfer that power into the kick. 

How to Practice the Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts:

Nobody can perfectly land the strongest kick at the right time without practice. It’s like a dream that you can’t achieve without a good amount of practice and patience. For practice, you need to have a functional punching bag that will act as your target. 

But before that, you should know how to handle your anger during a fight. We all know that a solid kick from opponents can make you go bananas. But you should be able to control your anger to recover from that kick. Otherwise, you can’t take proper actions and land the most powerful kick. A lot of fighters face losses because of not managing their anger inside the ring. 

For that, here are some great and affordable punching bag for anger management on our partner’s website. You must check this article out to make your practice beneficial during a real fight and be in control. 

Some Strongest Kick in the MMA:

Mixed Martial Arts has a lot of strong shots that every MMA fighter should know. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that such kicks and strikes are not easy to land but when they land perfectly they can cause serious trouble for your opponent. Let’s see what is the strongest kick in MMA?

Meia Lua de Compasso:

If you learn this technique accurately, you can knock out your opponent very easily. The Meia Lua de Compasso is the kick known for knocking out your opponent in one go, also known as compass half-moon. But this technique is not easy to land. The power in the kick comes from the whole body to the heels of the fighter. The small surface of the heel is best for producing an insane amount of strength. The target of this kick should be the head of the opponent. This technique can be the strongest kick in the world as it is a combination of evasive maneuvers and reverse roundhouse kicks. 

How to Land It?

  • Firstly, stand up in a kicking stance
  • Twist the whole body towards one side while downing one or both hands on the floor to gain body equilibrium.
  • Now move the opposite leg towards a semi-circular motion in the air.
  • Finally, land the kick on the target with full force. 
  • Don’t forget to generate power during the whole setup process. 

Turning Side Kick:

Turning side kick is another popular as well as the most powerful kick in the mixed martial arts world. This technique is a bit similar to the back leg kick but has a different hitting technique. In a turning side kick, the fighter has to land a kick on the chest or stomach with full power. The main focus of this kick is pivoting backward while transferring the force towards the leg. 

How to Land It?

  • Initially, stand up like a kicking stance
  • Pivoting backward in the front leg
  • Now, move the back knee a little upward and rotate the back leg 180 degrees backward. 
  • After reaching near to the target, stop the rotation and bring all the force to the leg.
  • Finally, land the sidekick on the target with effort. 

Can Strongest Kick Knock the Opponent Out? 

A simple question should be answered with a simple answer. And the simple answer is yes. A well-practiced and well-landed strongest kick can chop the opponent away, indeed. There’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, mixed martial arts fighters can make an opponent crumple into a ball with powerful hits. 

Still in doubt? Justin Gaethje was the most deadly fighter. Multiple times, not even once, he finished his opponents during the fight. In his career, he knocked his opponents down with his leg kicks. 

In a nutshell, a good kick can help you win the fight in no time. 

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