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There is no denying that blue is a noticeable color. It has its unique presence. While neutral cabinets are still in demand, blue has made its position in the market. So, you can bring a sharp and sleek personality to your place by using blue kitchen cabinets. This type of color variation can transform the look of your cooking area.

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As green, red, and black came into the world of cabinets, the navy is also leading the race. In addition to navy, you have many choices for blue color cabinets. From sky color to ocean blue, you can bring the hues of nature into your cooking space. In the same way, this color goes with neutral as well as bold kitchen themes. 

To help you select the best blue tone, here are some of the best shades of this color:

  1. Navy kitchen cabinets
  2. Blue mist
  3. Royal blue 
  4. Sunny aqua blue
  5. Deep teal
  6. Greyish blue


1. Navy kitchen cabinets:


It is no surprise that navy is on the trending list of cabinet colors. It is the best-selling color in shaker-style j&k cabinets. Nova cabinets are the top choice for those who love to have bold accents. In addition, it is the perfect shade of blue to contrast with white kitchen cabinets. So, you can choose navy as it is:

  • It is classical and elegant for island kitchens.
  • Use to make a dramatic and rich blue kitchen setup.
  • It becomes a focal point for your cooking space as it is eye-catching.
  • You can choose a matte or warm wood finish in this blue. 
  • Add more flavor with stainless steel hardware.


2. Blue mist kitchen cabinets:


This shade is even lighter than the sky blue color. This one is a soothing color for your mood and aesthetics. Also, it brings natural light to your cooking area. If you already have a dark kitchen, lighten up the tone with blue mist cabinets.  

  • This shade is best for both tall and lower cabinets.
  • You can pair these cabinets with light and dark countertops. 
  • Unlike navy blue, the blue mist gives a uniform look to your kitchen. 
  • It goes well with dark wooden furniture or an all-white theme.
  • Also, pair this blue shade with silver hardware and appliances.


3. Royal blue kitchen cabinets:


Also known as cobalt blue, royal blue has a distinct charm. It is sharp and has a bold accent. So, this blue is the most sophisticated one for any room. Let’s take a look at its specs:

  • For small kitchens, only choose lower cabinets, not tall cabinets. 
  • Also available with white and silver hardware. Choose white walls for more character.
  • For open spaces, choose a wall full of royal blue cabinets.
  • In the same way, it looks fantastic in both pale, matte, and polished finishes. 
  • Also, pair these bold cabinets with gold or brass hardware.

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4. Sunny aqua blue:


Well, this one is green-blue that is a fresh addition to the market. Most people call it the happy blue due to its welcoming appeal. In addition, it is not a typical blue for kitchen cabinets. It is a subtle blue close to sky blue. So, view this aqua blue as:

  • It is perfect for an island base and also for tall cabinets.
  • You can pair it with white and grey walls and countertops. 
  • Also, more neutral colors can make your place dull or pale. So, try to bring some dark tones to your cooking area.
  • Plus, pair aqua blue cabinets with metal, silver, and copper hardware.


5. Deep teal:


Similar to navy, teal blue is darker than that color. Also, it is as dramatic as luxury. If you want to have a high-quality kitchen with an intense color tone, use this color in your cabinets. For mos trending cabinets you can visit Kitchen Design Gallery. See what this paint can do to your place:

  • For a rich contrast, pair it with white upper cabinets and a grey countertop. 
  • In the same way, use dark wooden furniture with its base island.
  • Try more silver and steel appliances with deep teal cabinets. 
  • So, add a luxury touch to your kitchen with this terrific shade of blue.


6. Greyish blue:


What’s better than the mix of blue and grey? This color tone is just breathtaking in its visual appeal. This one looks great with wooden accents. In addition, it is a smoky grey color with a dense outlook. When confused between blue and grey, choose both for a perfect tone. This blue is in trend for some reasons:

  • This color is an ideal match for grey cabinets.
  • Also, it is stunning for entire wall cabinets.
  • You can pair this blue shade with a black counter and neutral walls (beige, cream).
  • Plus, choose a wooden floor, gold, and silver hardware with it.


There are many options in blue kitchen cabinets. This color tone is trending for kitchen setups. So, the best blue tones are navy, blue mist, aqua blue, deep teal, greyish, and royal blue. Pick any such shade of blue to add more color and accent to your cooking area. In particular, go to the kitchen design gallery for more range in colors. 

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