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Incense has been a part of history for a very long time. It is now used in every religion. The portrayal of incense is fundamental. Being a constituent of worship in every religion, incense is like a main core of worship in the Catholic church. So let’s discuss how this incense is used in all religious activities and why only incense burner are used for this purpose. 

Burning incense at religious places 

The revolution in this world is unbelievable. In this modern era, many natural products have been replaced by chemical-based products, which look more appealing, but they are destructive indeed. But fortunately, people are now looking forward to natural products. The only thing that is still the same from the beginning is the burning of pure incense at holy places. 

As we all know, religious places are manifestations of purity, pacification, and inwardness. People went to the holy places so that they could feel this positivity in their souls from the surroundings. So, for these pure surroundings, no other room freshener could beat the purity of burning incense. 

Burning incense at holy places 

Incense has been used during prayer in Catholic churches since the beginning. Incense has a sustainable history. It is the only thing that many religions, including Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, have in common; they all burn incense for cleansing and purification.The question here is how this one thing is shared by all of these religions during worship and why no other product can replace incenses.Well, here you will find all the answers. 

The importance of burning incense 

With the evolution of this world, many things have been changed. For example In the past, people travelled by horses, and now we have a luxurious means of comfortable traveling. The only thing that remains the same is the belief of people in their religion. So, burning incense is a part of religious activity. People don’t like alteration in their faith and beliefs, so some rituals remain the same forever. So the incense is the same from the beginning.

Natural incense 

Incense is made from flowers, woods, and different spices. The purity of incense is the main reason for its usage at holy places. Because this incense is specifically made from flowers and other natural herbs, They are without any impurity or artificiality. These incenses have a heavenly pure and pleasant fragrance.The smoke from these incenses has no side effects.In every religion, the main creed is that someone who believes in the faith of God should not harm anyone by any means. As a result, everything associated with ritual and worship should be safe and pure.That is why no other fragrance in this world could replace incense Because no one has this kind of purity in it. 

The Catholic Church’s Incense History 

From ancient times, burning incense was a part of ritual as a blessing and gift to other people. In the books of history, it is stated that incense was used by the Romans in their church, and then this ritual was carried forward with the spread of Christianity. When we look towards history and museums, there are whole antique collections of these incense burners which were used in the church. These burners are so amazing. The art on these burners is the representation of the legendary artists of ancient times, who made all these designs on a piece of metal without any machines and created the beautiful incense burners. 

How Incense is burned in the Catholic Church 

There are multiple types of incense and their burners which are used in many religious places. But every religion has its own significant burner. So let’s talk about the burner first. 

The burners which are specifically used in the Catholic church are different. These burners are called Thurible. This is basically a metal-based burner. These thuribles are swung with the help of many chains so that the priest can carry this burner easily. In Santhiago, these burners are really big in size and they are hung from the ceiling of the church. That burner weighs up to 150kg, and eight to nine people are required to hold the robs of that incense burner in order to keep it hung from the church ceiling.In Catholic churches, thuribles are used, which are carried by the priest. It is made of metal, and the art on these thuribles is just exceptional. 

types of incense used in the Catholic Church.

As I mentioned before, the incense that is used in the church is pure, so the incense that originates from the flowers and other herbs is the most useful incense waterfall in the church. 


Frankincense originated from the tree resin. When the trees of frankincense became 10 years old, they produced this resin. The incense which is used in Catholic churches is dried raisin incense. They are mainly harvested in South Arabia, and frankincense is spread all over the world by trading for spiritual and medical purposes. The frankincense is used in incense after drying properly. 


Myrrh is a well-known incense.It also originated from the resin of its tree. Most people consider that myrrh and frankincense are the same. They are not the same at all.You can use these incenses at the same time, but they are different from each other. 


This is also used in the church. It originated from the wood of sandals. Sandal is a very well known wood due to its medical benefits. 

How to burn incense in a thurible 

In the Catholic church, frankincense or myrrh is burned.When the resin is dried completely, it looks like a stone. They filled the thurible with this incense and put some coals in it. These coals are hot and due to this, the incense starts burning. This is how the incense worked in thurible. As soon as the rincense begins to burn, smoke begins to pour from the thurible, and the lovely fragrance spreads throughout the room. 


In church, all incenses are used for the same purpose and are only distinguished by their fragrances. It is used to cleanse and purify the surroundings. Due to its exceptional benefits, this incense is used in houses as well.

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