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If you are a business owner, you must already know that working for clients is one good thing and having to wait for the payments is another worrisome task. There are a few clients who just do not ever pay on time for any given reason. You cannot do much about them except for having an invoice app that sends automated payment reminders to your clients. This way you can expect earlier payments which is extremely essential to stabilize your cash flow.

Not that it definitely influences timely payments, but there definitely are many points that clients love to see in your invoices. What could they be? We are not referring to lowering your invoices here.


online invoices

Keep note of these following points and you could be receiving earlier payments next time onwards.

  1. They love attractive templates

Nothing sells better than what looks attractive to the eyes and this rule applies everywhere regardless of the industry and niche. When you are sending an invoice to your client, make sure it is designed on a great template that looks pleasant to their eyes.

  1. Add logos of both parties

Another thing that makes an invoice look visually appealing is logos of the company sending and the company receiving the invoice. You can easily integrate both the logos if you have an invoice app that offers amazing features such as the one being offered by Clique Payments. This technique makes the invoice look a bit more personalized and tempting.

  1. Add a summary of payments

Many clients delay the payments via invoices because they are always figuring out what are the deliverables being offered against the invoice. It takes no more than five minutes to add a summary of your deliverables in the invoice which can lead to early payments as well as the client building trust in your company. This ultimately helps you with your financial planning and can assist in you maintaining your cash flow.


Now that you know what your clients love to see in an invoice, do not forget to apply these points. Best luck with receiving timely payments!

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