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Choosing the right hair transplant option

A brief look at the approach

The two methods have subtle similarities with their differences. To begin with, local anesthesia is given to the scalp to ensure that no pain is felt by the transplanted person. Hair follicles are obtained differently in two transplant surgeries.

In FUT, the skull (donor site) is cut from the back of the head to obtain the desired size of the follicular unit. These are preserved in saline solution to keep them healthy before grafting. Removal of hair follicles at FUE is accomplished with an aerial punch that removes a single follicular unit ready for grafting.

The surgeon makes small incisions at the place where the hair is replaced (recipient place) with the help of special needles. It must be done carefully so that the direction of the hair is as desired. The follicular units are then grafted one by one to get the best results.

The main difference

The main difference between the two methods can help determine which person should go for which option.

Number of grafts

Due to the nature of the process, the number of pens available for Hair Transplant in Dubai for a single session at FUE is much higher. Since FUT graft is obtained by cutting a strip, the follicles obtained from the given strip should be used. Excluding individual follicular units, there is no restriction of FUE.

The level of success

Both methods offer a relatively high success rate. By comparing the two, the success rate of FUE is better because the extracted follicles do not need to be isolated and can be transplanted instantly. During division in FUT, some follicles may be damaged in the process. The risk also increases with the placement of follicles in saline solution.

Postoperative care

The amount of time required for recovery is about one week at FUE and two weeks at FUT after surgery. This may change in some cases. There are some medicines that are given to the patient after the hair transplant. Overall greater operational care is required after FUT due to the cut from the scalp to ensure that an infection does not occur.


At FUE, very small pinhole stains may be left after the procedure. Contrary to popular opinion, stains on FUE are not completely absent. These spots are easily covered with normal-length hair. On the other hand, the stain in the FUT method is much higher with a linear stain on the donor site. It can be covered with hair but it cannot have very short hair to hide it.


The cost of the method varies a bit and costs less than FUT FUE. The latter has only been around for a few years and so it costs more.

The decision to choose a hair replacement option should be made keeping in mind all the pros and cons. For some people, FUE would be an automatic choice. FUT works perfectly for older people in school or those who are looking at the economic side with hair. To learn more about the methods and different transplant options, visit Hair Transplant in Dubai

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