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Hair loss can be stressful. The moment you start to see a couple more strands in the bathroom drain, you start to look for various home remedies which can put an end to this painful hair loss. As much as we would like to believe, simple home remedies can’t always put an end to the problem of hair loss. One of the most effective ways to treat hair loss is by opting for FUE Toronto. It is a popular hair transplant technique that can help to restore the hair on your head. Following are some of the reasons why it is the ideal option for a hair transplant.

Highly Efficient procedure

Premature balding can really take a toll on a person. FUE is a perfect treatment option. It is an advanced hair loss treatment that can deliver dramatic results. One of the reasons why it is a popular treatment option is because there is easy recovery and no visible scarring. As each follicle is extracted and planted into the new site, this makes the procedure time-consuming. However, it is high efficiency. The hair follicles from the back or the side of the head are gently removed. These follicles are specially chosen as they are highly resistant to falling out. Once the follicles have been extracted, they are then transplanted into the new site. Each follicle needs to be grafted carefully so that they resemble your natural hair growth pattern. The high efficiency of this procedure mixed with skills can help to get natural-looking results.

Safe Procedure

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. Whenever you are planning to undergo any surgical procedure one does worry about how safe it will be. What makes FUE hair transplant a great option is that it is a minimally invasive procedure which is extremely safe. Unlike the strip or the FUT method, the follicles are removed one by one and a whole strip of follicles is not extracted from the back of the head. Hence, there is no long scar at the back of your head. This one by one extraction of follicles helps to bring down the risk of infection which has been associated with the method of strip method. Each follicle is extracted with precision and care ensuring minimal damage. As the procedure is minimally invasive, it is also not painful.

Long-term dramatic results

To enjoy the results of a hair transplant, one needs to be patient. Once you have undergone the procedure, you will enjoy the complete results of the procedure in about 9 to 12 months. With FUE, there are natural results that easily blend into your existing hair. There are no visible plugs that can be seen. The areas which seemed sparse or bald would now appear to have hair again. This procedure can create such dramatic results that no one would know that you have undergone a hair transplant procedure. FUE is a great permanent solution for hair loss, especially for progressive balding.

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