Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Walking through a Mazda dealership will make anyone confuse as they offer not only various stunning looking cars but are also powerful and sturdy. Hence, it is understandable if you are looking to buy a vehicle from Fontana Mazda dealership but confused about which model to purchase. Well, for allthat needs an excellent ride should definitely check out the 2020 Mazda CX 5. 

Cost of various models

The CX 5 comes in 5 different variants. The base model is the CX 5Sport which costs $26,135 approx. Next up is the Touring version which is priced at $27,775 and Grand Touring costs $31,255. The last two variants are Grand Touring Reserve which amounts to $36,080 and Signature series for which one will have to pay $38,100. 

When choosing a variant of CX 5 it might be hard for people to choose one. However, one of the most favorable among people is the Grand Touring and Grand Touring Reserve. However, many people opt for the Signature series. From heated seats to leather upholstery, climate control, and more, makes it something everyone loves. To know about different packages and exact cost visit Fontana Mazda dealer

Fuel economy

The AWD drivetrain which has the non-turbocharged variant offers 32 mpg. However, the FWD drivetrain of non-turbo version provides 33 mpg. Now coming to four-cylinder powerful turbocharged AWD option; it offers 30 mpg which is higher than what EPA estimated. Moreover, the diesel version’s estimated mpg from EPA is 27 mpg when in city and 30 mpg when on highway. 

Engine and transmission

The standard engine equipped in this car in four-cylinder supreme engine which offers 187 horsepower. It has excellent throttle response when the signal turns green and other situations. Another option is the turbocharged version which produces 250 horsepower proved to have quicker accelerationand reaches 0-60 mph in just about 6.2 seconds. 

The turbocharged engine is paired with automatic 6-speed transmission but is available only for AWD drivetrain. However, the Signature model only gets SkyActiv D four-cylinder 2.2L diesel engine with the AWD drivetrain. 

From precision steering to compose cornering, makes driving it quite pleasurable for people. Moreover, even on rough roads one can drive around in this car without feeling any commotion as well as offer ride quality of vehicles which costs more than its price. 

Driver assistance and safety features

NHTSA has given it a 5 star rating for its crash test. Moreover, IIHS has dubbed it as one of the best vehicles people can select when safety is concerned. Also, it comes with driver assistance and modern safety features. Some of these include adaptive cruise controlling, assistance for lane keeping and provides warning for lane departure. In addition, there is automatic emergency brake system with accurate pedestrian detection technology. 

So, no more confusion should loom over you. If you are looking to buy a Mazda car then opt for a test drive in CX 5. It will offer you pleasurable driving and all the satisfaction of owning a SUV with luxurious feel. 


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