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Natural Energy SupplementWhat Makes Rhodiola Rosea a Key Ingredient of Natural Energy Supplement

Rhodiola is a herb that comes from the Asian and European mountains. Consumption of its roots helps your body in adapting to stress. The scientific name of the herb is Rhodiola Rosea. Also known as golden root or arctic root, this herb has 140+ active ingredients. Salidroside and rosavin are the two most potent active ingredients of the herb.   

For centuries, many civilizations have treated fatigue, anxiety and depression using Rhodiola Rosea. The health benefits of this herb make it a key ingredient of the best natural energy supplement. This article covers the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea.

Decreases Stress

Being an adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea helps your body resist stress. You can handle a stressful situation in a better way by consuming adaptogens in such situations. In a study, 101 people with work and life-related stress were given Rhodiola extract.

It was a four weeks study in which participants were given 400 mg of Rhodiola extract per day. Results showed that the extract improved fatigue, anxiety, exhaustion and other symptoms of stress after 3 days. Rhodiola also improves burnout symptoms. 

Fights Fatigue 

Key contributors to fatigue include inadequate sleep, anxiety and stress. This leads to mental and physical tiredness. Rhodiola’s adaptogenic properties are known for alleviating fatigue. In a four week study, researchers studied the effects of the herb on 60 participants with stress-related fatigue.

They studied the effects of the herb on symptoms of depression and fatigue and overall quality of life. Some of the participants were given a placebo pill daily and others were given 576 mg of Rhodiola.  

100 participants with chronic fatigue symptoms were given 400 mg of Rhodiola per day for eight weeks. This significantly improved mood, concentration, quality of life, fatigue and stress symptoms. Participants reported these improvements from the beginning of the second week through the final week. 

Reduces Depression Symptoms 

Depression can have negative effects on your personal and professional life. You experience symptoms of depression when neurotransmitters become unbalanced. Healthcare professionals correct neurotransmitter imbalances with antidepressants.

The herb also has antidepressant properties. In a six week study, 89 participants with mild or moderate depression were either given a placebo pill per day or 680 mg or 340 mg of Rhodiola. Both groups reported significant improvement in emotional stability, insomnia and depression.

Participants who were given a larger dose also reported improved self-esteem. One study compared the effects of sertraline, a commonly prescribed antidepressant and the effects of Rhodiola. While sertraline was more effective, it had more side effects than Rhodiola.

Improves Brain Function

Your brain function is improved when you exercise on a regular basis, eat a proper diet and get quality sleep. This is the reason why your diet should include the best natural energy supplement containing Rhodiola and other key ingredients. In a two week study,

56 physicians on night duties were randomly given a placebo pill or 170 mg of Rhodiola per day. The objective was to test the effects of Rhodiola on mental fatigue. Rhodiola improved performance and reduced mental fatigue by 20%. 

Improves Exercise Performance

In one study, participants took part in a cycling test. They were given a placebo pill or 200 mg of Rhodiola before the test. Participants who were given Rhodiola performed exercise for 24 seconds longer. Another study shows that Rhodiola also improves endurance exercise performance.

Controls Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your body’s ability to respond to or produce insulin is declined. This increases blood sugar levels. Research on animals shows that Rhodiola helps in improving diabetes control. If you are a diabetes patient, speak to your doctor before taking the best natural energy supplement containing Rhodiola. 


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