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Every zodiac sign has its own set of unique qualities that make them who they are depending on their horoscope dates. These qualities include personalities, experiences, skills, and even preferences in plants. So if you’re looking for new green décor for your flat or house, you most likely want to purchase a plant that can mean something to you, or that has the potential to bring you good fortune. Now that you’re spending more time indoors, maybe it’s time to go plant shopping to make your home more appealing for your astrological self.

Moreover, if you’re looking for some extra space to place your new foliage, then consider hiring a team of expert grow room construction contractors. A greenhouse will help keep your plants growing for longer seasons, give you total control over the environment and temperature for your plant’s growth, and protect your beautiful plants from extreme weather. Greenhouses can also protect your plants from pests and diseases and can be fully customizable to meet your gardening needs.

So what should you fill your greenhouse with next depending on your zodiac sign? Let’s find out.

Aries—Monstera Deliciosa


Confidence. This single word is enough to characterize an Aries as they are great at making bold statements without a drop of self-doubt. Likewise, the Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, will make any of your rooms instantly gorgeous.

Taurus—Tropical Parlor Palm

Tauruses are widely known for being fully and unapologetically aware of exactly what they like and who they are. It’s no doubt the tropical parlor palm, with its flowy yet tall appearance, will transform your home into exactly what you want.

Gemini—Golden Pothos

A Gemini’s soul can only be complemented by a plant that’s as easygoing and adaptable as itself. It’s for this reason that the Golden Pothos, with its resilient and low-maintenance vines, makes the perfect plant for this zodiac sign.

Cancer—Ficus Tineke


A Cancer’s strength lies within the changes in their moods—just as the Moon changes with time, so does a Cancer. Its green counterpart, the Ficus “elastica” Tineke, can be the perfect companion given its undulated leaves that change with the seasons.

Leo—Fiddle Leaf Fig

Leos are famous for being commanders-in-chief, the prides’ kings, and spearheads in any mission. This is why the fiddle leaf fig, with its astronomical greenery that can create a sensation in any room, is perfect for this natural-born leader.


Alone time for a Virgo to get in touch with themselves is of the essence for their happy life. This makes them a perfect match for a succulent like the Echeveria, which is made to withstand long periods of time in its own company and without external influence.

Libra—Boston Fern


Libras may be known to crave balance in their lives while keeping things fun. The Boston fern, with its frilly yet serene fronds, helps bring that balance to the Libra’s house in an instant.

Scorpio—Snake Plant

An independent Scorpio needs an independent plant to light up the room while remaining mysterious, just like them. With its pointy, slithering leaves, the snake plant will make for the best low-maintenance, indoor plant for every Scorpio.

Sagittarius—Baseball Plant

Like a Sagittarius, a baseball plant succulent will tolerate being left alone for a bit so they can pursue their adventurous passions at their own pace.

Capricorn—Jade Plant


Capricorns are the embodiment of our practical Mother Nature, which makes them the perfect partner for the jade plant, which will require good care and time to flourish into its most beautiful form.

Aquarius—Raven ZZ Plant

Creative and eccentric Aquariuses need equally innovative plants to decorate their homes. It’s because of this that the raven ZZ plant, with its dark foliage that can tolerate low levels of light and weeks without watering, will make a perfect match for the zodiac sign.

Pisces—String of Pearls

Pisces represent water and compassion, so those born under this sign should be perfectly paired with their complement: a fun, yet low-maintenance succulent like the string of pearls.

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