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A bathroom is that home corner in which a resident of a house or apartment should always feel comfortable and comfortable. When working on the bathroom’s interior, you need to remember the main priority when choosing plumbing fixtures, furniture, and finishing materials should be functionality. Let’s figure out what rules you need to follow to create the most comfortable bathroom interior.

The main thing is the layout

Bathrooms with a large area of 5 ‘x10 “or 10’ x 10 ‘without loss of aesthetics of the convenient interior place everything you need for a family. Bath or shower, furniture for storing linen and accessories, a bathroom vanity, mirror, or medicine cabinet with light a table for care behind the skin of the face, etc., convenient place everything. However, the unfortunate layout of all the above components makes the spacious rooms of an apartment or house uncomfortable toilets, in which it is difficult for two family members to be at the same time. Space for all hygiene procedures, and there is still room for a comfortable stay inside.

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, while working out the future interior, you need to have a clear understanding that the bathroom should be comfortable and functional for each family member. Effective planning means the clever use of the space provided.

If sq ft does not allow a  bathtub and big shower, it is better to replace a more compact shower cabin. Fortunately, now plumbing supply store provide a large assortment of exciting models – high-quality glass shower cabins with a marble shower tray at prices from manufacturers.

The “heart” of the bathroom is a bathroom vanity a countertop mounted on a cabinet. This is a separate work area: washbasin, work surface, storage boxes, and mirror.

How to choose furniture and plumbing

It is imperative to choose furniture and plumbing, focusing on the physical dimensions of the room and the style of its interior. The store New Bathroom Style offers a large selection of online bathroom vanity & bathroom cabinets, 24″, 36 inch bathroom vanity 48″, 60″ and 84″. As much as you love to bask in the bathroom if real square ft do not allow it, it is better to forget about this idea and choose a suitable shower stall. For modest-sized bathrooms, a compact 36 inch bathroom vanity with one or two drawers can be ideal. This choice will save you valuable living space while saving money. Similarly, you can find a large assortment in an online bathroom supply store, ” New Bathroom Style” – unusual marble sinks of various shapes and sizes. You can choose exactly what fits perfectly into your home interior.

For the bathroom, regardless of the area, mirror and glass surfaces always remain relevant. A large number of mirror surfaces will help during hygiene procedures and visually increase the bathroom space.

Interior decoration and choice of materials

A bathroom is a place with an aggressive, humid environment. Based on this, you need to choose the appropriate durable and moisture-resistant materials for finishing the bathroom. Traditionally, these are ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone, marble. The correct choice of goods at the time of purchase will allow to bring to life a variety of interiors and preserve the quality and beauty of the interior decoration for a long time.

By the same principle, it is essential to choose plumbing and bathroom furniture. Consult with experts on the phone in our store. It is no secret that there are both favorites and outsiders among the variety of materials for the manufacture of sanitary ware. Professional manufacturers create washbasin cabinets using only a special moisture-proof wood board. This means that such furniture will faithfully serve the consumer for many years.

Acrylic and ceramics in the production of sinks and countertops are considered a cheaper and, at the same time, short-lived material, at the same affordable price – high-quality plumbing made of artificial marble.

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