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If you are the owner of a bar or restaurant, then a bar cooler is one of your most important assets.

The range of drinks is as important as the range of dishes. You should always take care that your guests are satisfied with their taste, freshness, and aroma.

Beer is always available in almost every establishment. It is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Beer goes well with most dishes. However, it requires the appropriate temperature, and buying a bar cooler is an ideal solution.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Commercial Bar Cooler

Buying a cooler is a large investment, so before ordering this equipment, you should learn as much as possible about it:

  • Capacity

Small refrigerators are certainly not your case. They are good for home brewing, but not as pub or bar equipment.

If you’re planning to start commercial brewing, then you should look at commercial coolers. They provide enough space to store more beer types required for the most demanding service period. 

The bigger the refrigerator, the more power it consumes. Your equipment needs to meet the requirements of your business – any more might mean an inefficient fridge with higher running costs. 

Consider in advance how many beer varieties and in what quantities you are going to offer in your bar or restaurant. 

Popular sizes: upright single 81 x 30 x 29.5 inches, upright double 81x29x51 inches, horizontal 90 ⅜ x 27 ¾ x 35 ⅝ inches and horizontal 96 x 37 x 28” with 3 doors.

When choosing sizes, also consider the depth. It can be shallow or deep. It will help you to use the space effectively.

  • Automatic defrosting

A build-up of ice in your commercial cooler can lead to poor efficiency and performance. Besides, it can limit the unit’s service life. 

Automatic defrosting will keep you out of these problems, and also save you time manually removing the ice.

  • Good energy efficiency and insulation

Since commercial refrigerators consume a lot of electricity due to their size, look at energy-efficient models. They will help reduce the running costs.

As for insulation, the best option is polyurethane foam. If you choose a cooler with this type of insulation, your food and drinks will stay cold for longer while using less energy.

  • Climate rating

To keep your drinks appropriately and consistently cool, your cooling equipment should be matched to the climate conditions it’s being used in. 

If your cooler is being used in the bar or restaurant, then a standard climate class rating should be appropriate. But if it is in a kitchen, a tropical class rating would be required. The thing is the temperature in a commercial kitchen is often higher than the temperature in the room where your clients are. Thus, you need another cooling level. 

  • Design

Most modern commercial fridges are made of stainless steel. However, you can choose any option of exterior finish, which will match the style of your establishment.

Bar cooler should communicate your brand to your customers or the beverages you offer. You can order equipment with appropriate branding, located on one of the walls of the device.

  • Freezer

There are models with built-in or stand-alone freezers. The latter option might be the case if you have limited space.

  • Doors

To start with, you can choose the number of doors you want. There are single, double, and even three-door models on the market.

In addition, you can choose door material: they can be opaque or glass. The latter option is convenient because your customers can see the goods you are offering. In the kitchen, a clear glass door makes it easy to see what supplies and stock you have available.

In addition to the material of the doors, you can choose the type of their opening: swing or sliding. The best option for you depends on where the refrigerator is installed. If you are limited in space, it’s better to install a model with sliding doors.

Whatever you choose, your doors should be self-closing. This is especially important if you are using the refrigerator to sell food and drinks to the general public, and visitors may accidentally leave the doors open. Also, for safety reasons, doors can be equipped with a lock.

  • Shelves

Most refrigerators are equipped with adjustable chrome beer shelves. There are also models with wine shelves.

  • Additional options

This includes adjustable legs, LED lighting, etc.

  • Manufacturer and budget 

Buying a bar cooler is not the case when you need to save on budget. Your cooler is an essential element of the bar or pub equipment. You don’t want it to break in a few months or years, do you?

Always check the suppliers of the equipment to be sure that you buy quality products at a good price.

In order not to waste time searching for such a supplier and buy the best bar cooler, contact representatives of the Beverage Craft company.

This brand has been engaged in beer equipment since 2014.  It offers an excellent selection of beer refrigerators for bars, the most famous of which are refrigerators showcases and under-counter equipment.

The consultants of the company will be happy to answer all questions about choosing such equipment: from the choice of the optimal model to its delivery and installation.

Choose Beverage Craft products and your refrigerator will serve you for years or even decades!

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