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What skills are project management employers looking for

So you are about to take the step towards the most exciting career change of your life by working in the field of project management but before you hand out your curriculum vitae, it is important to ensure you have the requisite skill set in order to take the path to success. Whether you have completed your initial Parallel Project Management Training or are an experienced PM looking for a new opening; ensuring you have the following 10 attributes will put you ahead of the competition when applying for a role:


  • Good communication


Not only do you need to be able to explain project management; you also need to combine two  different sets of skills. Having both soft and hard skills under your belt is essential because you will be working with both people and business goals so the ability to empathise yet motivate people into action is the sign of a successful leader.


  • Scheduling Experience


Time management is the key to being able to meet deadlines with quality work. You will need the ability to formulate a project schedule that identifies tasks, allocates tasks to the right people and ensures they are completed on time.


  • The ability to budget


Time is money and the company you work for will want to see a healthy profit on any project you lead. In order to work effectively; you will need to find low cost solutions yet provide high quality results. 


  • Completing tasks and deliverables


This is simply a fancy way of referring to getting things done and no matter whom you have completing the tasks – ultimately the responsibility rests on your shoulders! Having broad shoulders is an advantage as is being able to communicate expectations so everyone is on the same page.


  • Leadership


When you undertake a management role you need to be able to lead your people and this requires a large set of soft skills in order to build relationships that will help to bring out the best in your team. 


  • Meeting Management


Meetings, meetings, meetings aplenty! Facilitating communication will probably the key theme of your resume so you can inspire confidence in your ability to facilitate meetings and discussions and collaborative working.


  • Risk management


The ability to manage risk and foresee problems is one of the essential skills of project management. Forward thinking, being proactive and adopting new methodologies such as design thinking will help to counter potential obstacles.


  • Conflict resolution


Dealing with different personalities and expectations will inevitably result in conflict. The ability to mediate and re-unite your team should be a definite in your skill set.


  • Problem solving


The P of being a PM could just as well stand for problem! So what you need to show is the ability to find solutions.


  • Writing


Business writing is an essential part of good communication skills. Good grammar and being able to express your point clearly and succulently will literally keep you all on the same page. 

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