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Specific Bar codes for your Business

So, you have just started your own small business and you are wondering about whether to initiate a barcoding system or not. There are a huge variety of different types of bar codes that are available. Most companies that sell them are able to provide a wide range of unique formats that you can use to boost and promote your business in today’s competitive world.  What types of bar codes will best meet your unique business’s needs?  Entrepreneur Info is here to help you choose which specific format would be best to invest in for your small business by providing you with as much information as we can.

The most common and popular types of bar codes that are used throughout the world are called retail bar codes. The two most popular formats are the UPC and EAN. These are used in most retailers in America as well as overseas in places such as South Africa. The UPC are 12 digits long and the EAN are 13 digits long. They are used by retailers to sell their products on a sales system.  Each size or variation of your product will need its own, unique retail code. It is then scanned at the cash register at the point of sale and this brings up that specific item on the sales system. In South Africa, more retailers prefer EAN over the UPC.  Not only do they assist you to ensure a smooth and efficient check out process, they also help with inventory control and stock checks.  

A third retail format is called South African GTINs and they always begin with 600.  If you prefer this format, you will need to apply for it directly at GS1 South Africa.

Other types that are commonly used in businesses are ITF 14. These are also called Box or case bar codes and are used when you are supplying a retailer with your products in bulk.  They are 14 digits long. For example, if you are selling your home brewed beer in cases of 6, you will need an ITF-14. Each individual bottle will have its own EAN.  The case bar codes are then created by linking it to the individual EAN so that when they are scanned it brings up a case of 6 beer bottles. By providing these, you are making it much easier for the retailer to receive your stock into their system.  

Another format that you may need in your small business is are EAN-8. These are needed for products that require smaller bar codes than a regular EAN-13.  For example, on individual pens or even on cigarettes.  

Quick Response codes are becoming more and more popular in small and large businesses alike. These QRC’s for short are two dimensional and consist of a square image with various dots arranged on this image. They are able to store far more information than the traditional one dimensional can. This makes them a lot more useful to businesses around the world. They are designed to be scanned by any 2D scanner.  Mostly, people use their smartphones to scan them.  They link customers to your website where you can advertise any specials or promotions you are running as well as promote your business in the community. See this article for more info on Forbes Article on Smartphone Tech

They are also used in payment applications such as SnapScan In this application, clients are able to pay for their purchases by scanning your unique image. This links them to an application on their smartphones. They load their credit card details onto this application. These details are completely safe and secure and are stored using the Standard Bank database and only need to be entered once into the app.  By scanning it, and following the prompts on 

the screen, clients will be able to pay for their purchases with their phones. In these modern days, more clients are moving away from carrying their credit cards or cash around with them due to safety reasons as well. By initiating a payment system like SnapScan, you will be encouraging clients to frequent your store and become loyal customers.  

If you are selling books, you will need an ISBN number. You will need to apply for an ISBN number at the National Library in your country. Each individual book will need its own number as well as each different format of your book. For example, if you are selling books in hard cover and softcover formats, they will need separate bar codes.  Once you have this ISBN number, you will be able to get your images created of your very own unique ISBN to enable you to sell your book in retailers worldwide.  

If you want to sell a magazine, you will need to apply for an ISSN number from the ISSN National Centre in your countryYou will need a separate ISSN number for each different periodical or year of issue. Once you have this ISSN number, the same as with your ISBN you can have your high resolution images designed and created for you by a reputable bar code reseller who can provide you with top quality ISSN images that are linked to your ISSN numbers.

Our website is aimed at providing you with information and guiding you on the decision of which specific kind that you require for your unique business. When purchasing, they are fully registered with GS1 America and come with a certificate of authentication guaranteeing that they are yours alone and that they have not been used before.  The process of acquiring the necessary images and certification is quick and simple.  


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