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How could life be if we did not have technology? Almost every aspect of this life has been affected by technology in one way or the other. Gambling houses have taken advantage of the advent of technology in various ways.

We now have online casinos that have given birth to the live casino concept. Casino games are now live, and punters can play their favourite games in the comfort of their homes. There are different concepts of technology that are applied to make everything impressive for the players.

We were lucky to link up with Kevin Cochran, the author here, who explained the casino technology to us. Read on to understand how live streaming technology plays an important role in the gaming industry and the technology behind it in a casino online.

How important are live casinos?

You may be asking why the gaming companies have to enact all the effort to integrate live casinos in their systems. Here are some of the reasons;

The live casinos are real

Playing live casino games proves to the players that the games and any other thing involved in it is real. It also gives the players a chance to see how the dealers play the game.

Other forms of gaming are too computerized. However, the live casino gives the players a real feeling of how the dealers play the cards. The players can also see the dealer because it’s just like a physical casino.

No need for a random number generator

In the casino online, the outcomes are randomly generated during the table game. However, that’s a different case with live casinos since the players and the dealer play live, and the feeling of getting rigged can’t be there anymore. The live casino also enhances the transparency of the results.

The random number generator is mostly used in video games and online poker. It’s normally claimed that it promotes fair play during the game.

Variety of games

The players enjoy the freedom of choosing the game they want to play in real-time. When you compare a live casino to a brick and mortar casino, you’ll realize that it offers the players a variety of games to play. When playing the games via your phone or PC, you will realize that you have more to choose from, and you are not limited to how to play them.

Amazing bonuses

Playing casinos live with dealers has loads of advantages. It offers you a lot of freebies. For instance, you will spin for free and get free rewards for the games won. You will also be given huge bonuses compared to when you play the brick and mortar casino.

Freedom to choose any device

The live streaming technology allows you to play your favourite casino on any device you want. That is possible because some casinos exist in mobile versions, allowing you to play anywhere and enjoy comfort. It’s not like the traditional way of playing casino where one had to go to the physical casino location to play.

Another advantage of live casinos is that they are available to the players anytime. That gives the players the convenience of playing whenever they feel like doing so.

For you to enjoy playing live casino, the advanced technologies have to be behind the gaming concept. Some items are involved in making everything work.

What are the technologies involved?

Below are some of the items involved in live casinos;


Cameras are required to Livestream everything that is going on during the game. The camera must produce quality videos to enable the players to understand whatever is going on. Also, the number of cameras needed may vary depending on the game’s type and rules.


Every dealer would wish to see how the progress of the game and other live feeds are streaming. It also enhances the transparency of the game. Therefore, a monitor has to be there for display.

Game control unit

The dealer needs to oversee everything going on at the table. Also, it allows the dealer to know when to play and when to pause. Precisely, the game control unit is the backbone of live casinos.

Casino wheels

Live casinos represent what happens in the physical casino. Therefore, the wheels are essential in the dealer’s game room. However, since they cannot transmit data as expected, they are digitized to make things happen.

The casino technology explained  above to you how live casino streaming has been made  possible. If you have never tried playing them, then this is the right time to try them and get a new experience.

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