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Janma Kundli

Today’s modern world does not stop and wait for anything. In this fastness, people lose out on a lot to achieve certain goals, which could make them tired, unhappy, or unmotivated. That’s why with the help of Online Astrology, most people flock towards creating and reading kundli online.

Kundli is a birth or natal chart that portrays the special positions occupied by the celestial bodies at the time of an individual’s birth. It is that chart based on which a person’s entire life is charted.

With the help of kundli online, one can access almost any solution or answer, without any hassle and at the tip of your fingers. Modern-day astrologers use many predictive methods to help you reach where you need to be.

What are the predictive methods of astrology?

When astrologers look at your chart, they usually use one of the four main methods of predictive astrology. These methods have been in practice for centuries, forming a helpline or reference point for astrologers to analyze the future for a person. Every generation of practiced astrologers sculpts these methods into their own to provide accurate and relevant details.

  • Solar and Lunar Return – The kundli chart is based on the principle that a new chart is created when the sun and moon return to their birth positions. When solar return occurs, another chart is cast with the date, exact time, and the place of birth of the native. This solar return is, in turn, interpreted for a new birth chart that remains relatable for one year, until the next birthday. Major and minor influences, along with general themes a person’s life follows, are all things you can calculate with great accuracy from one year to another because of the fact that a new chart is drafted every year. The same process holds good for the lunar chart too, where the return of the moon to its natal position leads to the creation of a new chart.
  • Progressions – Charts are moved forwards on the basis of a single day for one year of age. This was an ancient practice that did not include Jupiter and Pluto, as they did not exist then. The progressions are based on the Sun’s movement of 1 degree on the zodiac belt, which is equivalent to a year’s life. As you and all the planets age together in this process, aspects of individual life are interpreted accordingly. Even though it is an ancient method, over many periods, it has proved to be surprisingly accurate. However, to call it a scientifically accurate process would be unjustified.
  • Horary Astrology – A chart is cast for the time and place where a question is posed. Then the understanding is inspected according to a certain set of rules. This allows an astrologer to arrive at a chart that allows him to see how the project or venture on which the question was placed would turn out. This technique is not as adequate for minor influences like the previous two but can predict major influences on a person’s chart.
  • Transits – Another effective way of making predictions is by looking into planetary transits. They are usually made more precise by using the transits of fast-moving planets, like mercury and mars, to identify the dates and events that could be triggered in the future. Most modern practices compile the solar and lunar method with transits to gain the most accurate predictions possible.

It is impossible for all to like or enjoy astrology, but denying its benefits completely would be foolish. With creations of free kundli online, all one has to do is enter their date, time, and place of birth and watch the predictions roll!

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