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What the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is All About

There are many charities out there for you to support and today we are going to focus on the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, a wonderful charity which works closely with firefighters. This is a great charity which does so much work, and a lot of that good work you may not have even heard of it. For that reason we are going to take a deeper look into how this charity operates in the community and the good that it does for so many of the people it helps. 

As the name suggests, this is a charity which is run entirely by volunteers, and here are just some of the work which it does in the community. 

Preventative Measures

One are which a charity like this does such great work is in the preventative measures which they are able to help with. For example they will regularly go around to homes in the community and install smoke alarms for residents, which of course play such a crucial role in fire safety. Another key responsibility which they have is to assess properties and advise the owners as to any risks which they are taking which could result in a fire occurring. This is essential to keeping people safe in their homes, and in helping to reduce the risks and the damage which fires can cause. 

Education For Kids 

Educating our youth is absolutely critical in helping them to learn about the dangers of fires, and what to do should a fire occur. This is something which the fire service would have done once upon a time, but these days they simply do not have the resources to do such activities. This is where the volunteers come in and they are able to give up their time to carry out programs in schools. These programs are absolutely essential for the kids and they can learn so much from these volunteers. Educating our young on the risks surrounding fire is the best way to ensure that the next generation is conscious and safe when it comes to fire risks and hazards. 


This charity could be considered as they auxiliary fire service thanks to the work which they do in actively combatting fires. Very often these men and women will be the first responders to an incident and they are often called in to back-up the fire service. Equally if a particular service is having issues around recruitment then this charity will step in and support with their volunteers until things are remedied. This proves once again just how important this firefighting charity is, and they are well worth donating to. 

Alongside these three key areas the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance are also active in fundraising, they offer donations to those in need and they even support with hospital patients which need varying levels of support. If you are looking for a great charity to donate some money to, then the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance could very well be the perfect place. 

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